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2009-10-15, 03:26 AM
I know there was a thread about this a while ago, but I'm pretty sure posting in it would count as thread necromancy by now. So instead; I figured I'd make a new thread to see what people have come up with. And to kick things off; here are three of my ideas:

1. A tiefling cleric of Pelor (or similar deity if in a specific setting) who could best be described (and I'm sorry for linking to this site) as a mischievous, Cat Smiling (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CatSmile) Genki Girl (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GenkiGirl) with Cute Little Fangs (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CuteLittleFangs) and a Berserk Button (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BerserkButton) if you insinuate that tieflings can't worship Pelor. Obviously, I'm saving her for a more light-hearted campaign.

2. A kobold telepath who was born a human. Ended up dying in a fight and was reincarnated by a druid. So you've got an old, ornery bastard of a psion stuck in a body normally regarded as an adventurer chew-toy. Needless to say; he's not happy (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Understatement). If I ever get around to playing him; he'll be the first neutral character I'll have ever used (though he might border on Neutral Evil at times). If the game goes to a high enough level; he might try to get a new body through force. (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GrandTheftMe)

3. A character I submitted to a PbP game that seems to have died; a shaper with a rather snarky, paranoid and perverted psicrystal. The shaper was going to have some snark moments too, but that was mainly going to be the crystal's gig. I did get one chance to show this when a tub of water near the party started bubbling mysteriously, with the bubbles forming a threat to the party. The psicrystal's main complaint about it was that it proved overblown villans (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CardCarryingVillain) actually existed.

Again; I apologise for so many links to TV Tropes. (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TVTropesWillRuinYourLife)

2009-10-15, 04:00 AM
Well I'll be avoiding TV Tropes, because there are other things that I need to do this week.

Character concept that I'm working on at the moment (having just recommended an Eberron campaign to my regular group) is an Empty Vessel psion who abandoned the Inspired because there was no room for another narcissistic, tyrannical mind inside her head. Mechanically, LN Telepath focused on manipulative powers and social skills. Prefers to influence others into doing things for her, but doesn't actually like hurting people or pushing them into things that they can't handle (one of the things keeping her one that side of evil). She despises the followers of the Silver Flame for a misguided attempt at an exorcism, and is terrified of what would happen if the Inspired caught up with her. Career goals for the present basically amount to power for power's sake, one manipulated weakling at a time, but it'd be interesting to see how she adjusts to real life and real people.

2009-10-15, 05:15 AM
I once did a theoretical build for a Druid/Renegade Mastermaker.

The bizarre backstory was that he was a member of an extremist druidic sect that hated and despised civilization and technology in all its forms. He was also a master craftsman, but due to his beliefs only crafted magic items out of wood and stone, with no worked metal at all.

Some Inevitables from the plane of Mechanus approached him with a task. In a battle with the chaotic Slaad, one of the gears of Mechanus (which basically keep the universe running) was damaged. This particular one was made out of wood, and being metallic beings they had no idea how to fix it.

Although the druid was repulsed by the mechanical beings, he didn't want the universe to end so he agreed to repair the gear. The Inevitables promised they would allow no hard to befall him while he worked. However, during the repair, the Slaad attacked again and the druid was crushed between gears.

True to their word, the Inevitables repaired him...by incorporating mechanical parts into his body. When he woke the druid now had metal and mechanisms permanently attached to his body (ruining his connection with nature, as druids cannot wear metal). Horrified, he swore revenge against the Inevitables, and actually allied with the Slaad who had caused his accident.

The tragic irony is that he had to continue to advance as a Renegade Mastermaker, losing more and more of his natural body all the time. Only by following the PrC to its conclusion did he become machine enough to survive the process of having the metal removed and replaced with wood (via the Ironwood Body feat that they can get at level 10). That was the only way to get his connection with nature restored.

2009-10-15, 07:56 AM
Kalinda "Kali" Gray: Character for a PbP game that never happened. She's an LG evangelical rogue who steals for Jesus Ilmaeter. My description of the character was "it's like if you threw Michael Weston from Burn Notice and Kaylee from Firefly into a blender with a healthy dose of religion." She was going to be a rogue who eventually went into the evangelist PrC, possibly with a dip in thief-acrobat first.

Miria Krisholm: Half-drow CG cleric of Eliastraee. Created to serve as a foil for another player's character, a CG (bordering CN) drow ranger with anger management issues. She was raised entirely on the surface, and is disturbingly cheerful and upbeat. I'm holding her in reserve for a campaign where both these characters can be played.

Zuri Anslen: LN human fighter. The Church of Kelemvor will occasionally use resurrection to bring back long-dead heroes when a terrible situation faces the world. Zuri is the result of a botched resurrection; physically, he's the same as the long-dead Zuriel Anslem, LG fighter/purple dragon of Cormyr, praised throughout the land in song and legend. Mentally, he doesn't remember anything. So the clerics send him out into the world with some equipment and gold and make him promise to stay in touch. He gets little flashes here and there, but his memories never really come back. Never had an opportunity to play this guy.

Oh, and Starscream: That is a freaking cool character concept.

2009-10-15, 08:34 AM
I was thinking about starting one of these threads!

LG Human Wizard/Acolyte of the Skin. Guy walks around in heavy robes with his hood down at all times to hide his reddish skin (a result of a ritual binding a demon to his very body). Character has a great thirst for knowlegde, and this thirst led him down some shadowy paths, in search of forgotten lore best left forgotten.

(in backstory) The party's paladin met him and helped convince him of the error of his ways, but much damage is already done. The wizard tries to atone for his past, only using his power for good, etc, but the demon his is bound to constantly whispers in his mind, urging him to other paths, tempting him with forbidden powers...

A lot of fun to play.

2009-10-15, 09:16 AM
I once played a human priest of Corellon in a 3.5 solo game that went a long time. That was a lot of fun.

2009-10-15, 09:25 AM
I have only played in one evil campaign in my life... I prefer the heroic aspect of fantasy adventuring, but a good friend talked me into playing in a game she was DMing.

I decided to play a true necromancer - a 3.0 prestige class that requires levels in wixard and cleric. My character's religion was, naturally, death.

So yeah, he liked to make things out of bodies, experiment with grotesque ways of attaching limbs and combining corpses, etc. But his hobby is what made him interesting - and made me take a hard look at my the dark side of my psyche.

Adinar (the character) was a serial killer. He'd use his own considerable charisma, maybe augment it a bit with a charm person spell, and seduce young women. He navigate them into what would appear to be a bit of a bondage situation... then break out his silver cerimonial knife.

He'd spend hours torturing the poor young woman to the brink of death... then use his clerical abilities to heal her, so that he could torture her some more. Eventually, she would die (but only after unspeakable agony), whereupon he would harvest the young woman's heart and a few other pieces, place them into a bag, and offer them as a sacrifice to his dark god.

He would also keep two small trophies from each woman, which he would store in a small leather pouch on his belt. People would often notice him with his hand in the pouch, fondling the contents inside, while wearing a faraway "dreamy" look on his face.

It still gives me shivers to know that I came up with this monster... and that I enjoyed playing him.

2009-10-15, 10:25 AM
Bonellon Lon'eloniel - An Elven Wizard sometimes Cleric (depending on my mood) of Wee Jas (or equivalent) that has taken the pompous elven xenophobic attitude to the heights of a new level that even the elves tend to find him abrasive and hard to deal with. He either comes as an envoy from some elven kingdom or is some secluded asset that is stumbled across. His tendencies toward the Abjuration and Divination schools of magic make him valuable and therefore tolerated but his love for the efficiency of the Necromancy school never fails to start up arguments when those not equal to his ways of thought occur. Sometimes he may even listen to the argument if not delivered by a human or half race.

He's has been a fun character to dabble with since I first made him. Every time he turns out as a different build that just seems to fit and of course there are times where he will just load up on abjuration buffs and a Fist of Stone and pummel in a face or two.

The Nameless - A Drow priestess of Lolth from a fallen House of the Underdark. She is literally the last of her family and only moved above ground to gain enough power, money and allies to take her fight back below ground and wipe out the House that put her in this position. Evil to the very core and very, very stereotypically female drow it makes for great party interactions when the petite breastplated female in a black veil chooses to lighting bolt and flame strike through encounters over healing. He latest iteration produced a cleric that dipped into both Rogue and Fighter and dual wielded great swords and drow knockout poison darts to a pretty successful end, party and otherwise. >.>

Bifax "Aleslosh" Wobblesocket - A gnome Bard/Harper Agent I played recently and laughed almost every minute. He was almost absolutely useless from a combat beyond his Bard songs delivered via a less then eloquent Perform - Storytelling skill. Raised in a city that protected an opening to the Underdark he would go from a perfectly tolerable CG and aloof to a cold and calculating CE at the sight of drow, goblins, kobolds and the like. He had enough fortitude and Con to out drink the parties Dwarf in the unfortunate drinking contest and earned his very own dwarvencraft mug! Bard to the very core and sat in the inn listening to other NPC's stories which explained his less then conventional Perform specialization. My knack for rolling 20's against Reflex vs. Death saves also gave him a lovely distinction of running around in circles and screaming his head off just before diving for cover at the last minute. He was also crippled by a distinct love for gems and claimed all of the ones the party found for his own amusement. He never sold them for money or anything and instead just set them in the basement of his house and stared at them for hours.

Yip - A kobold Rogue/Combat Trapsmith that was actually just supposed to be a support NPC and I stole him for a character and as such never learned Common. Yip was unique in the fact that he was CG and had a 16 Int score but had a Wisdom so low that shiny things and copious amounts or gold would make him overlook the fact that he would have to go through countless traps and hardships to acquire it (He once made 36 Disable Device checks and suffered a broken leg and jaw for a pile of gold equaling about 1000gp). As far as Rogues go Yip was pretty architypical but his two best skills by far were his Craft - Trapmaking and "Ancient Kobold Secret" (Use Magic Device) which he delivered by looking at magical devices (and sometimes non-magical devices), waving his fingers at it and making weird noises until it worked.

2009-10-15, 05:39 PM
A Sorc/Rogue Cat Burglar who works for the assassins guild in the capital city of the continent.
It's a Magocracy.
Spellcasters of any sort are illegal outside of the ruling class. Punishable by death.
Oh, and he has a code of honor that disallows killing of sentient beings.
I made a web comic about him.

2009-10-15, 05:42 PM
In DnD I'm thinking of a Halfling character who's in denial, and thinks he's just an abnormally short human.

Or an elf named Ann. Ann Drogynous.

In Hero system I've got an idea for a Televangelist turned Superhero. Your pledge dollars buy new lasers for his Iron Man-esque suit.

2009-10-15, 05:57 PM
I had Nent the halfling sorcerer who thought he was descended from a brass dragon (3.0 core) and had the spells to prove it.

Erdrick human exoticist (Variant Fighter, Dragon #310)/barbarian who carried his grandfather's mercurial greatsword (Sword and Fist version) and sought his village's destroyer. CN he was taken in by an orc tribe and hated magic, considering it abhorrent.

Zardayl of the Green Cloak the 453rd: A warblade who ran around in a red dragonskin cloak (the Green Cloak having been lost by his great-grandfather Zardayl of the Green Cloak the 449th) and considered himself the bravest and greatest of heroes. He was pretty strong in combat (17th level) and would rush anything in melee. Whenever he got shaken, though, he'd act like he was panicked. He was a DMPC/cohort (2 levels lower than the party) who drove two of the players crazy with his sheer arrogance and at one point jumped down 200-ft (twice in a row) just to prove he wasn't scared.

I also always enjoy a highly intelligent barbarian, and got to stat out a gestalt wizard//warrior classes who used two spiked shields as his primary weapon.

2009-10-15, 06:02 PM
A Catfolk Druid 3/Sorcerer 4/Geomancer 1.

Yeah, it takes until ECL 9 (8 if you go wizard instead of Sorcerer), but I can play a Catfolk with a cat's tail!

2009-10-15, 06:31 PM

#1: Josie von Selvetarm: Drow Cleric of Pelor

A surface drow from a cult of Elistraee, Josie always wanted to see the sun. Alas, the group elders would not let her, as it was their custom to retreat into darkness at sunrise. But one morning, Josie snuck out of their cave-campsite just before dawn and strode to the top of a nearby hill.

It was glorious. After the initial shock and blindness wore off, Josie surveyed the landscape and took in all the wonder of light and life. It was no wonder the surfacers worshiped this entity, she thought. After much research, Josie found that Pelor was the sun incarnation that suited her best, and left her group to become a servant in his name.

Now affiliated with a church of Pelor, Josie strides across the Prime bringing life and light to the needy. It's a hard journey, as even some of her fellow clergymen are still suspicious of her (not to mention the dozens of peasant folk), but she's willing to make it.

Josie wears her medium-length hair in a high ponytail. Dark lenses cover her eyes from the light of the sun, and an abstracted symbol of Pelor is stitched into the back of her coat. Josie's holy symbol is an "automated sundial" that she wears on her left wrist.

#2: Dirk Clanless: The Architect of Moradin

Dirk Clanless is a rebel among dwarves. He keeps his beard trimmed short, abstains from beer, and never goes to worship. What's more, he's a sorcerer.

Originally born to the prestigious Clan Stonepillar, a family with a long-running tradition of architectural engineering within Dirk's community, Dirk exiled himself from the whole community after a particularly bad spat with his father. Oscar Stonepillar, patriarch of both the Stonepillar family and the Architect's Guild, had realized that his equipment and workers would not be able to keep up with the rate at which the city needed maintenance, and so prayed to Moradin for help.

When Dirk soon showed power over Earth and Stone, he saw it as a sign from the Soulfather, and practically forced his own son into slave labor. Not wanting to be used as a tool, Dirk fled.

While he misses his mother and siblings, Dirk isn't willing to go back home and face his father again.

He's really not bitter unless you bring up his past. Otherwise, he's just looking for some good friends and good time on some high adventure.

Mr. Mud
2009-10-15, 06:39 PM
Without posting a character bio I had a "non aggressive" monk, that secretly wanted to kill his party. And, in the last session of that campaign, did so. With 3 Quivering Palms to the backs of heads :smalltongue:. Although, only one QP succeed. The party's Batman Wizard ending up force caging me , but I somehow got out and snapped his elf neck... but I digress :smallbiggrin:.

2009-10-15, 07:07 PM
Played with the draconic heritage feats once to cool results.

Had a human sorcerer, that by fluff, used to be a blue great wyrm (dragon), but got hit by a lucky polymorph spell that turned him into a human.
After inspecting his new human for he discovers:
1-the heroes that tuned him human didn't bother killing him, as they thought he was not a threat any more, as he is now mere human with no training at anything.
2-his magical skills did not diminish at all, maybe even grown larger. (sorcerer levels)
3-he is slowly turning back into a dragon (fluffidized draconic heritage feats)
4-the wizard deserves to die. and he is planing to find him and kill him. slowly. painfully. and possibly get him revived so him can kill him over and over.

Naturally, for that you need power, and equipment, and that's a good reason to go adventuring.
Now, from another player's point of view you got a kleptomaniac sorcerer who is turning more reptalian all the time, using mostly combat-oriented lightning spells and some illusions, wearing light armor and carrying a super enchanted scythe, scary as hell if he wants to, and seems to get along fine with the dragons the party encounters from time to time, and pretty much refusing to hurt them. (but is willing to give the rest of the party some cover illusions and buffs.)

Mushroom Ninja
2009-10-15, 07:38 PM
One of these days I'm going to play a paladin. I wouldn't actually take levels in the paladin class as it's exceedingly lame -- I'd probably be a crusader or reflavored Psychic Warrior. But, regardless of the class, I'd be a Paladin with a capitol P. Selfless, generous, devoted to a strict code, chivalrous -- the whole deal. I've never actually played such a character, so It'd be a blast.

2009-10-15, 11:06 PM
Erhan Izmir: True Necromancer

Formerly a Lawful Good cleric of Pelor. His best friend and brother in law, Vassili, was an amateur Wizard who began studying undeath, eventually creating several skeletal animals. A neighbor saw them and reported him to the church of Pelor, unfortunately Erhan was on a mission for the church at the time. A group of clerics and town guards assaulted Vassili's home. Vassili tried to convince them he had harmed nobody and the skeletons were fully under his control. The Clerics would hear nothing of it and killed him easily in the ensuing fight. Erhan's wife, Nakovi, was tried and admitted to knowing of her brother's exploration of necromancy. She was convicted and sentenced to death for aiding a heretic.

When Erhan returned home found the two people he cared for most dead and himself on trial for heresy. Under truth spells he was found innocent of any involvement or knowledge of his brother's activities, and released. During the night he infiltrated the church, magically subdued the guard on duty, and stole all of books and notes the church had seized as evidence during their raid on Vassili's home. He then fled across the ocean to another nation.

On the month long journey he studied his brother's writings extensively and concluded that his brother was correct; that so long as the undead were controlled they were not a threat. Skeletons and other mindless undead were simply tools, to be used by their controllers for good or ill in the same way a golem might. He converted to follow Wee Jas, and his alignment shifted to Lawful Neutral. Following his brother's notes, he taught himself the basics of wizardry.

Upon arriving on the far continent he found employment as a debt collector for a prominent money lender. While collection was normally peaceful, on occasion the debtors turned violent. On a few occasions this even resulted in the deaths of members of the collection team, and always in the death of the debtor. Several years later, events have spiraled out of control and the band of debt collectors he worked with has found themselves in the middle of an erupting world war.

Since then he has: negotiated mercenary contracts with three different kingdoms, none of which were allied, though only completed one, willingly accepted a geas to block the return of dragons to the world (though it seems some have already slipped through), joined a self-proclaimed pirate's crew, performed funeral rights for a slain gold dragon, had the pirate he reanimated as a Bone Creature swear an oath to uphold the values of the slain dragon, attempted to negotiate a written contract with a pirate lord (he failed), and just recently returned home and was convinced to aid the party in robbing a temple of Pelor in return of 20% of the treasure being donated to the impoverished transient peasants outside the city walls (he did this by standing on a fountain in the town square and ranting against the corruption of the church of Pelor).

Erhan is a skillful negotiator and diplomat despite the sinister reputation of his craft. He considers goodly gods to be hypocritical, and their churches corrupt. He has a strong sense of justice; the tyranny of the elite over the poor is especially loathsome to him. He unashamedly channels negative energy in creating undead and casting spells that many would consider evil; not seeing any practical difference to the person dying between having their life snuffed out by a necromantic spell and being disemboweled by a paladin's sword. His return home seems to have stirred the good in him, but his dedication to his craft has not diminished and his methods are growing noticeably less lawful.

I'm curious how people would pick the alignment of Erhan as that's currently an issue I'm having a lot of fun exploring through his role-playing. I think Lawful Neutral suits him for now, but there is potential for it to move in any direction, especially if he runs into any of his family's killers to trigger a move towards revenge and evil.

2009-10-15, 11:14 PM
I'm currently playing a Mind Flayer Lawyer in an Eberron game. He's in the process of slowly, legally acquiring the entirety of the Mournlands.

I once played a Warforged Mimic (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=128268) in another Eberron game. He wound up with Dragon's Breath, the ability to assume a hybrid werewolf form, and a Warlock's eldritch blast. "Mecha-Wolf" was born. It was extraordinarily cool.

I played a pirate captain (Swashbuckler/Dread Pirate, I think) who started a war between Sembia and the Pirate Isles for his own personal gain at level 8.

Kommisar Engel
2009-10-16, 10:02 AM
Jack the Ludo Bile - Psychopathic slasher reminiscent of Jack the Ripper. Got "Mark of Justice"-ed to not kill within civilization just like Belkar. Was Rogue 4/Swordsage x. Got killed by a paladin though.

2009-10-17, 12:57 AM
I forget his names, but my favorite was an elven Warlock or Binder. Yes he was both at the same time. I somehow talked my DM into letting me have a character with MPD who would roll once a week on a d[Whatever was closest]. Odd meant he was the True Neutral warlock devoted to the purity of neutrality in a predominately evil world, even meant he was the Chaotic Good Binder who sought knowledge at every turn and almost every price. Oh, and the Binder was convinced he was a human. He smashed stuff when told he wasn't. He was amazingly fun to RP.

2009-10-17, 04:35 AM
For Shadowrun (4e) I made a character based on troll bounty hunter meets mad big game hunter. His wielded an elephant gun and a machete (sword), dressed and spoke like a British lord and his opinion on wildlife was that it should be mounted on his walls. I even made part of the fluff that he was banned from the local zoo for the "panda incident". All he wanted was a pair of slippers but those damn dirty hippies prevented him from undertaking his perfectly reasonable safari hunt.

Also for 3.5 I really want to steal the succubus paladin concept and change it to a half-erinyes instead, as a NG cleric of Evening Glory.

2009-10-17, 06:12 AM
I once played a human priest of Corellon in a 3.5 solo game that went a long time. That was a lot of fun.

Interesting little fact: According to core, humans get the shaft when it comes to what gods they can worship. If your race isn't on the list of "typical worshippers" you can't be a cleric of that god.

It's a pointless rule, because 99% of people don't notice it, and I bet a large percentage of those who do just ignore it.

2009-10-17, 06:28 AM
I once tried to play a Dwarven TWFer in Spiked Armor with a large Shield as his only weapons, dipping into Ranger for Deepwarden and Battlesmith. Got boots of flying and pumped CHA up to Goad enemies into attacking. Fun concept, but the game fell through.

2009-10-17, 01:21 PM
I am currently playing a true neutral extremely charismatic
Sorcerer 8
Elemental savant 6 (water)
and i am also the last of the dragon riders in the world
him and the party are uniting all the kingdoms against an invasion from "teh army of fire" (think they are from hell itself)

rest of party is equally interesting we have:
chaotic good barbarian/primevil (unstoppable train)
chaotic good fighter/tempest (Mr. 1000 attacks per rounds)

2009-10-17, 05:09 PM
I once came up with what I thought would be the ultimate drop-in character for a friend's campaign that had been going on for awhile, that my schedulae would only let me attend occasionally.

The character was a bard named Konstentyn who'd made the mistake of seducing the wrong wizard's daughter, and as is not unusual in such situations was subjected to a curse designed to keep him very very far away. He now pops through the planes totally randomly, for random durations of stay. It's mostly different prime material planes, and nowhere automatically lethal, but that doesn't mean not dangerous.

As it was a low level campaign, he was a fourth level bard with one level of ranger to help him survive all the random places he might appear, often in the middle of the wilderness (maxed out Survival skill, and favored enemy Evil Outsiders, for obvious reasons). Favorite spell are Toungues and Disguise Self.

Being of good alignment and rather happy-golucky he will easily join in helping any worthwhile cause he finds himself in the middle of, and doesn't worry about the consequences of fully committing to such a cause becasue he'll probably disappear before too long any way. In other words, it fits in perfectly for a character who would appear in the middle of an ongoing campaign, and then vanish with no warning at any given moment (i.e. when the session ends and I couldn't get back for the next couple).

Ironicall,y the game ended up folding before I got a chance to bring him in, but I still like the concep a lot.

edit: that's interesting - computer got shut down mid-post, and the site apparently auto-submitted it.

2009-10-18, 12:07 AM
"Mephistopheles", formerly known as Marvin Jadelocke. He's a lawful good skeleton transmuter who has a code against killing others -- he avoids damaging spells because they're not his style, but when he absolutely has to toss out an Acid Arrow or something similar, he uses Subdual Substitution. Although he's lawful, he follows a somewhat "tricky" archetype -- his favorite tricks involve spells such as Baleful Transposition, Baleful Polymorph, and Teleport Any Object.

2009-10-18, 01:29 AM
Current oddballs;

Iacobus Gildenpalm, iron-masked Priest of Razmir. Razmir is a high level Sorcerer who has convinced the people of his smallish country that he's ascended to godhood. His masked priests are generally sorcerers, adepts, etc., but Iacobus is a Bard. He can cure wounds, inspire the masses, conduct rites, etc., fulfilling pretty much any role that one would expect of a priest, despite his total lack of Clerical ability (as Razmir, the big faker, can't empower Clerics).

Mordecai, Cleric of the goddess of hunger, disease and undeath, raised in a country dominated by the undead, with a ruling aristocracy of vampires, ghouls and the occasional lich or ghost. He spent his early years as a slave, then was chosen for his looks (and, presumably, taste) to serve as the personal 'vessel' for a vampiress aristocrat, whom he waited on hand and foot while she fed off of him. Covered with scars from her bite-marks (and the whippings he'd get when she flipped out, since she had a rotten temper), he was discarded carelessly, replaced by a 'better-tasting' Vessel, and is now a Cleric in a land a thousand miles away, desperately looking for a way to become an 'aristocrat' himself (and by aristocrat, he means undead).

Ankara, Barbarian of the ancient Azlanti people. His people are the 'Atlanteans' of Golarion, famous for their ancient lost culture, advanced magics and sciences, blah, blah, blah. They are mostly degenerate fisherfolk these days, rambling about how superior and advanced they are (or, more accurately, were). He's got the 'Innsmouth look' visible in his solid-black eyes (some of his people cohabitate with fish-people, and he's got some slimy, scaly folk in his family tree). Golarion has three different human cultures *perfect* for Barbarians, and I picked a fish-eyed degenerate member of a people known for their ancient fallen culture, high wizardry, etc. for my overly-muscled violence-junkie.

2009-10-18, 01:37 AM
I also always enjoy a highly intelligent barbarian, and got to stat out a gestalt wizard//warrior classes who used two spiked shields as his primary weapon.

Love the two-shield-using fighter concept. They had some feats and a combat style devoted to it in Green Ronin's Plot & Poison, it it was just insanely cool, visually.