View Full Version : Controlling Monsters, Determining How Powerful By CR

Gan The Grey
2009-10-18, 03:13 PM
I'm trying to make a character class that can 'call' a creature and control it. Here are the basics:

1. Caster captures and stores creature's soul in a gem.
2. Caster then performs a short ritual (1-2 rounds) that generates a temporary body for the creature. The creature has all of it's previous skills and abilities but no equipment. It has its personality and alignment, but follows the telepathic orders of its master. It is immune to mind controlling effects (other than the control of its master) and cannot be dispelled (the gem can be dispelled, but the creature is treated as natural while it is manifested and acts normally inside an antimagic field). The creature heals 1 HP per HD per day, and if reduced below 0 HP, it cannot be remanifested until its HP are above 0.
3. Caster can only manifest one of these creatures at a time, though it may have multiple gems with different creatures inside.
4. Caster has a short arcane spell list and casts like a sorcerer. He has no damaging spells. Most spells are for healing and buffing, mostly for his minion, but this gives him additional party utility when a minion is not out.

I want to base the maximum power of a creature he can manifest on the creature's CR. There are limitations: No soul-less creatures, no non-native outsiders, and no creatures with either a 0 or - in any ability score. Creatures do not gain any experience once they've been stored in a gem, but its master can craft a template directly onto the gem to modify the creature, or can craft an additional CR to the creature, increasing its power according to rules for advancing monsters in MM and SS.

My question: What should the CR limit be? Should a level 3 'Caller' be able to manifest a CR 3? Should it be lower or higher? I have a little more information that this is you are curious, and if you have other ideas to make this cool, I'm open.

2009-10-18, 03:15 PM
So it's like a pokemon master? I think I've seen a few of them floating around.

Gan The Grey
2009-10-18, 03:20 PM
Kinda...more along the lines of a summon spell from Final Fantasy, but not quite as powerful. No ultimate attack, acts more like another party member for a short period of time...maybe a number or rounds equal to character level, and that can be increased if you summon a lower level creature. As such, the base class itself will be fairly underpowered so as not to be too broken.

One of the cool things I'm going for is to be able to take a normal creature and slowly apply templates and magic items to turn them into a complete unique creation.