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2009-10-18, 08:34 PM
Session 1

The group discovered some bugbears conversing with a merchant. A hooded man was translating for them. The man was being man handled by the bugbears and so the party responded with diplomacy.

The hooded man basically shooed them away. The bugbears also fled in a run, attempting to take the conversation elsewhere.

Siriand (the LE dragonfire adept) responded to this by breathing fire on the bugbears. The bugbears continued to flee although two remained behind to fend off the adventurers. The one with the hostage was the fastest and dead ahead.

One of the bugbears attacked Mirra, the party healer, only to get his scimitar shattered. The other one eventually got melted to a crisp by dragonfire adept breath weaponing.

Deschain, the dragonborn multiclassing monster ran up the top of a building and began to take the chase above. His superhuman speed allowed him to put himself right over the bugbear 'leader' with the hostage, whom promptly threw the hostage into a well. Deschain went after the hostage in the well, and Dey, the fairy, stupefied the leader with a touch attack.

Deschain swam underwater for about 12 rounds, recovering the drowning merchant at the bottom of the well (which apparently slanted off into a tunnel, of which there were three). Deschain was lucky, in that the first tunnel he chose to light up with a spell contained the merchant. The merchant was unconscious but became stabilized by Dey.

As Deschain made his way out of the well, he discovered a lizardman had been spying on him. He then made his way back into the well again, confronting the lizardman (who had a far superior swim speed to Des and whom 'teleported' after Des notched just one arrow at him).

Meanwhile, the crowd was rightly panicky and began trampling the PCs. The bugbears ahead were forced to kill their way through the crowd with their swords. They then made their way off into the side streets, escaping completely.

Some half orcs began sniping at the PCs from above. One of them hit kord, the orc barbarian, in the neck whom didn't seem to notice this. Siriand was struggling to kill the bugbear who was grappling with Mirra - the same bugbear that broke its scimitar on Mirra's shield. Mirra managed not to get trampled by the crowd due to having cast calm emotions. Prior to all this, Kord saved Siriand with a simple strength check to pull him away from the feet of the crowd and lift him above his head.

Kord then threw siriand at the bugbear grappling Mirra, causing all three characters to fall prone. The bugbear escaped by making its way into a store. Siriand fired a crossbow bolt at it but hit a stone wall instead. Kord responded by making his way into the shop, and snuffing out the creature's life in a spray of blood, despite the hostage that the bugbear attempted to use as a shield.

Des regrouped with the party who were then questioned by hostile guards. Mirra managed to calm the crowd with a diplomacy check and Dey found a merchant who vouched for the party by way of winning a gamble against the man. The guard captain, believing the story, informed them that they should speak with the west gate house sentry, Alamon about bugbears arrivals in the city.

Session 2

Along the way to Alamon, the party met up with Rylin, a human barbarian whom had apparently fallen unconscious in a pool of blood along the road. Deschain made the decision to help the man. Mirra later discovered that the man was possessed of a magical disease that caused severe internal bleeding.

At the gate, the party met up with the Shadow Caster Shae, who was looking to make friends (hopefully other Shadow Casters, his own kind being rather shunned).

Alamon informed Deschain that the bugbears were foreigners. He expressed shock that they had made it this far into Heshirol (the kingdom) and were at Roheime (the city that the party is situated in). In short, he told them that they should speak with Kensington Rook, the caretaker and owner of all the Rook apartments (district not mentioned).

Kensington, in return for gold, told the party that they should head to corridor V of the Rook residences and building 73 (V-73), which where the Hooded Man was staying last. Along the way, Des bought chickens. Kord then purchased these chickens from Des, told Siriand to set them on fire and proceeded to hurl them through V-73's window.

A man ran out of the apartment. Kord chased after him, whacking him over the head with such force that the man's skull exploded, killing him instantly. Shae proceeded to cast cold spells to put out the fire in the apartment, of which NPC city workers took care of the rest. Rylin consumed a chicken that had been lightly roasted in the fire and then passed out from raging (after which the magical disease was discovered).

The party then went back to Kensington to probe for questions. A guard followed along the way, in response to what Kord had done. In an uncouth manner, Kord explained that he was working for Kensington and had killed a man that hadn't payed off a debt. Kensington confirmed this bluff, while managing to bluff that the party that the party was in on this even though they claimed that they were looking for another man (the hooded man, now revealed to be named Opelh Von, likely an alias). Kensington's incredible bluff got rid of the guard (who rolled a horrible sense motive).

The party then headed back to the inn, to question the bugbear 'leader' (stupified and tied up) and Karson Ulman (the merchant held hostage originally). The bugbear was water boarded, unvealing (through Kord's translation) that he was in service to the great khan, that he had many families, and that the great khan would roll over every empire from the east to west until he reached the ocean. Finally, the bugbear confirmed the hooded man's name, Opelh Von.

In return, Dey removed the bugbear's pain by feeding him poisonous herbs that dealt CON and STR damage and killed him. Rylin ate several gp worth of meals in the inn downstairs. Karson Ulman all he knew about Opelh Von, which included that he was looking for a man named Yaztoth (whom he suspected was an alias judging from the man's nervousness upon the initial meeting). Karson also unvealed that the man was worried about his sick father, and had referenced him to an herbal doctor by the name of Lucius Haze (not knowing any clerics).

Prior to the bugbear's death, the creature revealed that his khan had defeated Mon Tuman's great army.

The party closed the session in the Inn.