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John Cribati
2009-10-20, 03:38 PM
Yes, I know there was a thread about this. I also know the rules, and that It would be an offense for me to revive a month-old thread and stuff. I've been recently thinking up my own build for an Avatar/D&D Crossover thing, and Here are my general thoughts. This is basically a list of feats that I've thought up. I haven't considered the dice damage list thing yet, though.
Note: on this scale Level 10 indicates "mastery" of bending. Also, benders get a free feat every other level.

help and suggestions are encouraged. Note that the list of Bending feats is incomplete at the moment.

This would be, in general, the most balanced build in the game, for melee or otherwise, with more weight on defense and speed than brawn.
Provided that there's sufficient water around, Waterbenders in general will get free healing spells equivalent to 1/2 their level, no matter what class they take, minus one, except Rangers, who will just get 1/2 their level, like in regular D&D. So a level 8 Waterbender Fighter can cast a level 3 healing spell. Note that this applies to healing only, not resurrection or general attack spells that have nothing to do with water. I'd rather not have them curing poison so easily either, but that's up for debate. Also, there needs to be enough water around.

Melee: Not sure. I'd think they'd be best as Rangers, but whatever class, there is with no penalty for Improvised Weapons so long as there is enough water around. At level 10, They could have a feat where they can pull water out of the air, that, while not a substantial amount, could be improvised into a throwing dagger or such.

Magic User: Cleric, hands down. Waterbender clerics would get free healing spells of their level or lower.

Waterbender feats: Note, these constitute being learned from a scroll or master, so you can learn any feat of reasonable level at any time.
Basic attack do 1d10 damage per level. (level 2 waterbenders do 2d10 damage)
Water Orb- 1d20 damage per level
Octopus Form. 8 strikes that do 1d10 damage per level (rolling 5 or constitutes a miss), Give up at least 3 strikes, and you are protected from being flanked for a number of rounds equal to your level for each strike. (for Level 5 or more only)
More levels later.


Natural armor (literally). Will also give a bonus to the Hide skill in certain cases. (I.E. Making armor out of a dungeon's walls would logically help you blend in to the wall, so long as you stay close to the wall)
Spot anything or anyone that is touching the ground or a wall, starting at Level 10.
Minimum falling damage (they soften the landing as they fall)


Unlimited Fireballs, starting at level 5, as long as the sun is up.
Endure Heat
Immunity to Cold damage (to a certain extent).

Speediest class. Best suited for Rogues and the like. However, due to the canon of Avatar, an Airbender must take at least 3 levels of Monk and/or Chaos Monk

Melee: Monks or rogues, rangers might be good, too especially with the barehanded fighting. They get an accuracy bonus when fighting with ranged weapons (ninja stars, arrows, javelins)

Feats: Solo Flank, OR Protection From Flanking. Not both.

2009-10-20, 04:34 PM
Here's a link to the Avatar d20 system that was put together on these boards forever ago. It's a pretty solid system, works well. Playtested and everything. I did some of that myself.


2009-10-20, 04:43 PM
Speediest class. Best suited for Rogues and the like. However, due to the canon of Avatar, an Airbender must take at least 3 levels of Monk and/or Chaos Monk

A class is a building block of a mechanical representation of the capabilities of a character, not a job description, requiring the monk class is stupid. Other than that, not bad.

2009-10-26, 08:32 PM
Unlimited Fireballs? Sign me up.