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2009-10-20, 08:51 PM
I have to be overlooking the rule that determines whether or not the Spirit Companion (a conjuration) can create flanking opportunities. I'd lean against it since the Rule As Written for Flanking (PHB 1, pg 285) says that you must be able to attack and the companion does not have the ability to attack on its own, but I'd have sworn that was stated more literally somewhere...

2009-10-20, 09:09 PM
A conjuration doesn't flank. Look up the rules for conjuration keyword. It'd be like trying to flank with a flaming sphere.

2009-10-20, 09:20 PM
I did (PHB 1 pg 59 and PHB2 pg 219-220). If there's anything there that applies, I missed it.

0> The listed rules apply unless the power description says otherwise. There are several exceptions for the Spirit Companion.
1> Occupies no squares. Doesn't apply to the Spirit Companion, which explicitly says it occupies a square.
2> Unaffected by the environment. These rules say nothing in the environment affects the conjuration ("an icy hand functions in an inferno without penalty. The conjuration does not need to be supported by a solid surface, so it can float in the air.")
3> The Spirit Companion can (unlike most conjurations) be attacked and will use the Shaman's defenses.
4> The attacking rules here don't really apply, since the Spirit Companion doesn't usually attack itself.
5> The companion moves per the Spirit Companion rules.
6> If the shaman dies, the Spirit Companion leaves.

That's it for the rules on the conjuration keyword, unless there are other rules in other source/book I missed.

2009-10-20, 09:23 PM
There is a shaman power that lets it become corporeal enough to flank for one round, so, by extension, it does not get that ability at-will.

2009-10-20, 09:24 PM
Ah, Stalker's Strike. I knew I had to be overlooking something obvious, thanks :smallcool:

2009-10-20, 09:26 PM
Flanking requires an ally. Conjurations aren't allies. Summoning keyword specifically mentions summons are allies, the conjuration keyword doesn't.

Of course, there's also the Stalker's Strike at-will that allows the spirit to flank with you and your allies, thus implying that the spirit normally doesn't flank.