View Full Version : The universe as they knew it.

2009-10-20, 10:31 PM
Hey, near the end of my campaign, I plan to have a hideous truth revealed; There is a portal to the far realm hidden within the material plane. As it swells, like a tumor, through the plane, tempers are set on edge.
One of the first things that happens is this, Kord stops taking Bahamut's draconic nature any further, and they duel. Meanwhile, the blood war grows more intense, and an enormous crowd of demons, larger then any previously recorded amount, sweeps into Avernus and kills Bel. However, Tiamat and Kurtulmak, as well as the dark eight, still continue fighting.Just as Kurtulmak builds a massive trap for a group of demons led by Graz'zt to fall into, Kord is defeated by Bahamut, then Bahamut slams him down through the lawful planes. Straight into Kurtulmak's trap. As the blood of countless demons and Kord flows across the layer, Graz'zt is the sole survivor of his group of demons. As him and Kord desperaately cling to existence, their spirits merge, and Kord and Graz'zt becomes a demon known as Therstru, and slay Kurtulmak. As Tiamat and the Dark eight struggle to fight Therstru and the other arriving demons, Asmodeus gets an idea; As all the demons are coming out of the Abyss, he sends scores of mighty devils into the sparsely defended Abyss, instantly dominating several layers and Bidoolpoolp moves to Porphatys to avoid the army. Also, the evil lords of the Planes of Water and Air hatch a plan to rid of their rival lords at the Planes of Earth and Fire, and their plan goes along easily. At the same time, Arcadia is very busy trying to keep it's peaceful demeanor, even as St. Cuthbert prepares for war. Although the Abyss and Baator are approaching a showdown, the fiery menace of Therstru expands, the Planes of Fire and Earth being overrun, and Arcadia increasing in tension, the PC's still have to deal with a major problem of their own; Scores of pseudonatural monsters inveding the material plane. Can the PC's hope to stop the collapse of the universe into this darkenss? Or is it all over for sure? They'll see as the story progresses.
Hope you all like it.