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2009-10-22, 11:29 AM
So in my half-joking 4e game last night, my character Krog Angry and his buddy Nerrul went around kicking quite a sizeable amount of enemy buttock, and ended up dubbing themselves "Team Ramrod" for a variety of sundry reasons. Now, unbeknownst to us, this apparently isn't just a one-shot beer-and-pretzels campaign, so I'm looking to make some rather light-hearted feats for levels to come.

As a general rule, however, I suck at balancing 4e, so any input would be lovely. These are all probably unbalanced as hell, but I'm aiming for fun here. :smallbiggrin:


Heroic Feats

Angry Krog Angry: Your weapons gain an additional +2 points of the Brutal quality when you are in a rage (so Brutal 1 becomes Brutal 3).

Team Ramrod, Away!: Choose an ally when you take this feat. You gain a +3 bonus to damage rolls against any enemy marked by that ally.

Falling Krog Demon Strike: You gain the Falling Krog Demon Strike encounter power.

Falling Krog Demon Strike
Screaming like a maniac, you bring your weapon down heavily on your foe's unprotected head.
Encounter * Martial, Weapon
Minor Action Melee weapon
Trigger: You fall or jump at least 10 feet down and land next to a foe.
Target: Personal
Effect: Make an attack against your foe as if you had made a charge attack. You gain Combat Advantage for this attack. If your attack hits, you deal an additional 1d10 damage per 10 feet fallen (maximum 3d10 at Heroic, 5d10 at Paragon, and 7d10 at Epic) and the target grants Combat Advantage until the beginning of your next turn.
Secondary Effect: Make an Athletics or Acrobatics check DC 15. If successful, you take no damage from your fall.

2009-10-22, 03:02 PM
The first two feats are overpowered. I know it is in jest, so if your DM approves them, great, but they are very very easily abusable. Infinite damage vorpal weapons come to mind, I'm sure there are other uses. +3 damage is... huge, to say the least, as a heroic feat. In general, I would avoid making feats specific to a character or character concept - they'll end up being overpowered, in my experience. For example, some feats are balanced by their prerequisites - if you make a feat with a set of prerequisites that perfectly matches your character, it is an easy way to justify a powerful feat.

Second, feats that give powers but are not power swaps are generally not done. Its just a convention, but its a convention that might be good to follow. Instead, lemme take a shot at these:

Angry Rage of Angriness:
Prerequisites: Barbarian, Rage class feature
Benefit: While raging, you deal additional damage on a critical hit. This extra damage is equal to 2 times the brutal value of your weapon.
Increase to 3 times brutal value at level 11, and to 4 times brutal value at level 21.

Fearsome Teamwork:
You deal an additional 1 damage on all attacks while flanking an enemy. Increase this to 2 damage at level 21.

Meteor Smash:
Prerequisites: Trained in acrobatics or athletics
Benefit: When you fall and land next to an enemy, you can use a standard action to make a melee basic attack against the adjacent enemy. On a hit, the attack does extra damage equal to one half the falling damage you took as a result of the triggering fall.

I think those might fit the flavor you want better and be a little more balanced. Enjoy.