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2009-10-22, 02:52 PM
So my wife bought me the adventure module Cormyr: Tearing of the Weave. I've read through it once, and my initial impression is that it railroads horribly but might be usable with some heavy rework. Does anyone have experience with this module?

2009-10-22, 03:26 PM
Choo-choo baby... choo-choooooooo all the way. Any lateral thinking or non-stabbitydeath solution goes completely against the grain. That being said it's not too bad a ride and if you're into the whole Faerun thing it's quite nicely synched into the mythos, even does away with some of the marysues later in the series.

2009-10-22, 03:51 PM
I ran this module up to where the PCs find the portal, which took about 6 sessions. The group was a gestalt paladin//sorceror and bard//cleric.

Aside from having to rewrite every encounter (which I would've had to anyway even without the PCs being gestalt), the module was a good experience overall. There's lots of killing, but also very interesting role-playing experiences with some NPCs. For example, the random fighter guy at the end of the temple sewers, the two guys that finish each other's sentences, and the lizardfolk village.

If you want to decrease the amount of railroading, the module gives you more than enough room to add stuff for role-playing and/or stabbity purposes.

2009-10-22, 04:36 PM
Yeah I've noticed that a LOT of the encounters rely heavily on mooks with 5 hit points and casters who spend the first three rounds of combat casting exclusively buff spells. My players would run through that butter like the proverbial hot knife.