View Full Version : Group Conversion from 2nd edition to 3.5

2009-10-22, 04:57 PM
Hi Folks!

I managed to convert my players to 3.5. We are all still very fond of 2nd edition (ah, the red box) but I felt they needed something new to bring some fresh air into the game. The problem is that they had attained quite a level of power, and I guess my conversion attempt failed miserably to rouse their interest. So, where did I go wrong? Go figure...

Anyhoo, I need some advice here.

1) Levels. What is the correspondence?

PG1 = Wizard with a tendency to brag, talk himself out of things and generally smooth talk klingons into loving J.T. Kirk. Also, theatrical background.
I figured a bard 1 / Wizard X might do. His character level was 12th in 2nd edition (pretty scary) with some awesome knife skills and many spells.

PG2 = Rogue. Well, a rogue with a passion for swordplay, that is, and a guy with some sense of honor. So, yeah, a rogue like robin hood could be a rogue.
Character level was around 14. Some military training, a war and some fancy fencing and I figured he would be a Rogue X / Fighter 2 (a good dip). What should be the character level?

PG3= elf. Well, if you remember elf were pretty much warrior / wizards. This elf is very much into butchering scaly stuff with a bastard sword, and does have some magical ability. For him, Duskblade is just perfect, but again what level? He had gotten to that "attack class" when you could make 2 attacks per round, Say level 10 + 2.

PG4= what a mightmare. A purebreed martial artist with a player allergic to Tomes of Battle. Also, a bit of a planes walker (not as the class, as much as "the guy knows how to go to Sigil). Used to be a level 14 / 36 equivalent (monks had a different progression) with 2d8 unarmed damage, good AC and some amazing evasion skills. How should I stat it? Planar ranger sucks in my campaign, so I donīt really know.

Well, tips and advice are really welcome guys!!!