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2009-10-23, 12:26 AM
Simple Question... Does it stack...

Bardic Knack: PHB 2
Jack of all trades: Complete Adventurer

The end result being, ranks equal to half of my character class + half of my bardic class... if I am all bard, I can use skills as if I had ranks = to my level...

Raging Gene Ray
2009-10-23, 12:33 AM
What are you talking about? Jack of All Trades doesn't give you a bonus on skill checks. It lets you make checks in skills that you have no ranks in, even if they are trained only.

If it was your version, I would have taken it at first level...maybe third. The way they phrased it is by saying you can make checks in skills you have no ranks in as if you had half a rank in them.

As it is, it's not a very good feat, because even if your bard CAN make that decipher script (or open lock or decipher script), he's not going to make it without any ranks. And even then, how many untrained skills are there? Wouldn't it be easier to buy one rank in each of them instead of spending a whole feat?

So, I guess it's a non-issue now.

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-10-23, 12:35 AM
Also does not synergies with Bardic Knack. Read the two descriptions closely.

2009-10-23, 12:38 AM

Jack of all trades lets you make checks as if you had 1/2 of a rank. Not 1/2 times anything. It doesn't actually give you ranks, or treat anything but checks as if you had that amount. It does let you make trained checks

Likewise, Bardic Knowledge allows you to make checks as you had 1/2 your bard level of ranks in that skill. Doesn't do anything for untrained.

So no, they don't stack, and in fact, they don't even stack with skill ranks in that skill. You use Jack of all trades to let you make trained checks, and you use Bardic Knowledge if you want to be halfways decent with all skills. The two can be used together, but they don't stack as such.

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-10-23, 12:39 AM
What I meant was that Jack of All Trades does not let you use Bardic Knack on trained skills. It just allows you to make the check as if you were trained in it. The skill is still a trained skill, and as such, requires you to have 1 rank in it for Bardic Knack.

2009-10-23, 12:39 AM
Note that it's not an uncommon houserule to allow the two to interact: sure, you now can makes checks in every skill, but generally you're better served with making higher checks.

Raging Gene Ray
2009-10-23, 12:40 AM
So no, they don't stack, and in fact, they don't even stack with skill ranks in that skill.

Forgot about that part...but if you're lucky, so will your DM!