View Full Version : OpenRPG on a mac

2009-10-23, 01:46 AM
Anybody get this to work? It tells you to download all kinds of python stuff. wxpyhton keeps failing during the install.

any suggestions?

2009-10-23, 11:11 AM
Use MapTool or Gametable.

Seriously, OpenRPG isn't very good to start with and (AFAIK) isn't being worked on anymore, meaning it won't be getting any better.

*checks* Yup, they both use Java, so they both work on Macs

Maptool: http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=maptool

If OpenRPG can do something, then MapTool does it better. And then you get into the stuff that OpenRPG can never, EVER hope to achieve, including some really complex stuff. We're talking character sheets that rival Myth-weavers in completeness that you access from your mini's right-click menu. So...yeah.

Gametable: http://gametable.galactanet.com/

Gametable is the opposite of MapTool: simplicity incarnate. It gives you what you need to play, and nothing more, keeping it ridiculously easy to use. If you need it, Gametable does it, if Gametable does it, OpenRPG does it with more bugs, and if Gametable doesn't do it, you don't really need it.