View Full Version : Dark Way of the wall

2009-10-25, 03:27 PM
So I was choosing a level 3 spell for my Beguiler through advance learning and I came across "Dark Way"... for those following along this spell is on page 58 in the spell compendium.

I only have a few questions regarding any extra functions it could have...

Is it unbreakable? (And thus any attack against it will not be effective)
Does the "Bridge" have to be in a straght line?
Can the "Bridge" be turned on its side? (Thus become a wall)
Is the spell worth it if it only last for 1 roud per caster level?

2009-10-25, 04:02 PM
This is as I recall it. There maybe mistakes

1. It's unbreakable. So immune to damage.

2. I don't recall any shape mentioned, so I think it would default to Wall of Force (as that's mentioned), that is, flat.

3. Any angle.

4. It lasts the same amount of time as Wall of Force. It behaves close enough to one. (apart from no dispel/antimagic immunity)

Sure it's well worth a level 2 spell.

2009-10-25, 06:42 PM
The only other problem that I could see is it 5' by caster level *10' long IIRC...

So it could make a 5' tall fence that must be hopped over or block a 5' wide area... (As long as you have something solid like a roof)