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2009-10-26, 11:26 AM
The Crucible of Swords
This ancient testing ground of primordial might, held as a myth to even the most knowledgeable scholars and seasoned adventurers, is home to unimaginable power. Inside you will encounter angels and demons, heroes and villains, as well as hidden perils testing your cunning as well as your spirit. Many that have found themselves in The Crucible have never escaped, falling either to death, to madness, or to eternal wandering. It is rumored that the Elder Gods once used The Crucible as a place to seal away forbidden magics, dangerous creatures, and weapons of utter destruction. This legend draws countless wayward souls into its clutches, trapping them there forever. Of course in every rumor there is some glimmer of truth...

So, the basic idea for this is something like The Cave of Trials (http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/psx/so2/trials.shtml) from Star Ocean 2, or The Seraphic Gate (http://valkyrieprofile.wikia.com/wiki/Seraphic_Gate) of the Valkyrie Profile series. A mega dungeon filled with fatally dangerous encounters, but riddled with incredibly powerful treasures. I've never worked on creating a module of my own, and I must admit, I'm not that great of a Dungeon Master, but having read some of the stuff to do with World's Largest Dungeon, I just got this idea in my head, and I think it would be a fun exercise to work on. Is anyone interested in helping me? I'm sure I can't do it alone, and even if I could just get ideas I'd be more than happy. But advice on rules, help creating levels and encounters and puzzles - WOULD BE TREMENDOUS.

Here are my opening thoughts:

• There are 13 levels. Each level more dangerous than the last and each level requiring the solving of a puzzle to release the guardian. Defeat the guardian and descend to the next level.
• Each level is positively littered with priceless treasures and artifacts, but many are hidden, and still others are defended by their own guardians.
• While inside the Crucible of Swords there is no way to escape other than to ascend through the various levels and leave through the initial entrance.
--Because of this, teleportation magic doesn’t function.
--Summoning magic doesn’t function.
--Planeshifting magic doesn’t function. Neither does Gate or similar effects.
• Traps and tricks fill the many rooms and corridors of the levels of the Crucible. Be wary where you step.
• Many different factions have become trapped within the Crucible and jockey for dominance. Among these there are five primordial dragons, a chorus of angels, a horde of demons, a coven of vampires, a den of thieves, and a separated group of mad adventures.

The Guardian of each level should be a really difficult BOSS encounter. Some guardians may have minions as well.

The bit about certain types of magics not working - needs concrete rules, unlike WLD's, "duh, battlefield control don't work..." rules.

2009-10-26, 11:32 AM
*insert obligotory link to TVtropes page on "Bonus Dungeon"*

I think this would do better as a "vote up a dungeon" thread.