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2009-10-26, 10:04 PM
A friend of mine recently started up a D&D campaign, and we've just reached level two. Now, someone wants join, plaing an elven pirate who juggles three swords and uses them all at once. The Dm has approoved the comncept, but asked me (The only person with any D&D experience prior to this game) to help with character generation. Thing is, I can't think of may ways of getting three attacks with three different weapons at level two. Both the DM and player are fine with refluffing stuff, and all sources should be okay.

tl:dr: Ways of attacking with three different swords in one round at level two. Any and all sources should be fine.

2009-10-26, 10:07 PM
Flurry of Blows, two-weapon fighting. Or Whirling Frenzy Barbarian (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/classFeatureVariants.htm#rageVariantWhirlingFrenzy ) and two-weapon fighting.

Done. (Just don't hope to be effective.)

Technically that's only two weapons, but refluff.

2009-10-26, 10:25 PM
Quick Draw and/or perform (weapon trick) or perform (juggle) can help your zorro character out (wiki one piece). Chaos Monk variant replaces its flurry with 1d4-1 extra attacks or something along those lines (see: Crystal Keep).

2009-10-26, 10:27 PM
If the DM allows the swords to have the Throwing and Returning properties for free (for some reason), TWF and Whirling Frenzy along with Quick Draw should let him throw all the swords and then have them come back to him, which is more like juggling but also crazier. Pretty much locks him into Barbarian 1/Fighter 1 or Barbarian 1/Psychic Warrior 1 though, for that bonus feat that as an Elf he can't get his hands on racially.

2009-10-27, 09:05 AM
Here's a list (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7066595) of ways to get extra attacks. But I think AstralFire hit the nail on the

If for some reason you don't like the strait forward solution, you could drop elf and be a kobold. Take the Draconic Tail and Prehensile Tail feats, and now you essentially have 3 arms, and can qualify for Multiweapon Fighting.

Also, if you're willing to consider a Halberd instead of swords, you can use Spinning Halberd and Haft Strike or generic armor spikes with TWF to get 3 attacks per round.