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2009-10-27, 09:25 AM
In DnD 3.5 does the Detect magic spell include detecting someone with invisability cast on them?

2009-10-27, 09:27 AM
In DnD 3.5 does the Detect magic spell include detecting someone with invisability cast on them?
I think the conclusion is "Yes", but it takes 3 rounds before you can see them, and it only tells you where they generally are, so you still suffer a significant miss chance when attacking them.
Oh, and if they punch you in the face before those three rounds are up, you make a concentration check.

So yeah, it works as a crude method, but it's not very effective.

2009-10-27, 09:28 AM
Invisibility is a magic spell. You don't detect the person per se, but you do detect the location of the magical effect, and can attempt spellcraft for more info. This does require spending three rounds concentrating, though.

Short Version: Yes, you can use it for that.

2009-10-27, 09:36 AM
It will reveal the presence of a magical aura in a 60ft cone in the first round, then the number and level of the strongest, and then after 18 seconds the location of them all.

So if the invisible creature is stupid enough to stay in front of someone in the Pstandard Psychic Pstance for that long, it gives up its square. RAW, that still gives total concealment.

Going by spells like faerie fire, it technically should only be 20% concealment. But, while we are wishing for sensible rules, you might as well go further. Invisible creatures should still get Hide checks, without the +20 bonus to invisibility, when exposed that way. If you allow blurred creatures to make Hide checks without cover or other concealment, the detected one should also get the check to hide his aura.

2009-10-27, 12:39 PM
From my understanding, the Spellcraft check lets you know that there is an Illusion spell there.

Your character could deduce that the Illusion spell in question is Invisability, but I don't think there's a way the spell Detect Magic tells you what the spell is. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit: To clarify, Detect Magic allows a Spellcraft check to tell the school of magic that is detected.