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Dusk Eclipse
2009-10-28, 04:30 PM
I am going to start playing in a high-level Gestalf PbP adventure on another forum; but my DM put a serious whacky rule, every character can have any ONE (yes you read right just ONE magic item for a 17 lvl gestalf character) non-artifact magic item.

my build is a swifthunter with dervish (Inspired by GalaGalaxia's build for a PbP here in the playground) on one side and Cloistered Cleric with travel domain for Travel devotion.

I was thinking on having a magic valenar double scimitar (that counts as one magic item right?) with the transmuting, ghost touch ghost strike and vampiric enchancement on both blades?

So what do you think/suggest for my only magic item?

BTW custom items are allowed but subject to DM aproval

Dr Bwaa
2009-10-28, 04:48 PM
Just use the MIC item combination rules to make a horribly overpriced, slotless custom item (or weapon) with all the abilities you could ever want. BAM!

And I suggest a slotless or other indiscreet wondrous item rather than a weapon because it's less obvious. People will notice your +5 Holy Burst Everything-Bane Vorpal Ghost Touch Vampiric Wounding Greatsword (and when you have only one good item, getting it sundered/stolen/whatever is often a fate worse than death) but that little Merit Badge of Mindblank/Flying/Greater Magic Vestement/etc/etc/etc is not going to get stolen (just make sure you keep it in hand while you sleep).

Dusk Eclipse
2009-10-28, 04:50 PM
Sadly another player tryed that and he was met with a NO!!! from the DM, so try to keep as balanced as posible please?

2009-10-29, 02:05 AM
What's your build? Also, can't you have any other magic items? 'cause there'd be a LOT you'd want. You'll have to ask your DM is Valenar Double Scimitar is a single weapon though.

Either way, you should get a +1 weapon and use your Greater Magic Weapon to take care of the enhancement. Just stack it full of cool abilities. But too much depends on your build to give any decent advice here.

Dusk Eclipse
2009-10-29, 10:36 AM
My build is Dark Template (+1 from the ToM)/Cloistered Cleric 16//Scout5/Ranger2/Fighter1/Dervish9

Cloistered Cleric Domains: Travel, Celerity, Knowledge