View Full Version : Tenken class lookover

2009-10-28, 10:19 PM
MY friend wants to use this class in a campaign but the DM wants to make this class more balanced.

Any suggestions?


PairO'Dice Lost
2009-10-28, 10:32 PM
I'm not actually seeing any balance issues; it appears to be a buffed-up monk with different bonus feats and spell-like abilities and an affinity for einhanders. If anything, it might need a boost (I've only skimmed it, but it looks fairly competitive as-is), in which case using the monk fix of your choice should do the trick.

2009-10-29, 12:15 AM
Balanced against what?

It's 16th level ability leap the clouds is completely useless.

It's 20th level ability is pretty good but it's 20th level and even a persisted haste is only equivalent to a 7th level spell or a (assuming boots slot) 120,000 GP item (which is a lot I will say). This ability seems by far the most worrisome on a quick glance through.

The blur ability is a little worrisome, but that means squat for damage... unless he has pounce.

I would be most worried about ubercharger since at high levels this gets 2 extra attacks with a full-attack and has full bab and blur when it moves, and haste as a spell-like; but to get pounce requires a dip preventing continual haste.

The lack of armor hurts them a bit even if they choose to wear it they still get +2 attacks per full attack, and with their Dex to Attack and Damage and Dex and Wis to AC they shouldn't need armor much (and bracers can cover what's left). Not sure how it compares to ToB. At the same time it is a really cool looking class even if not quite balanced.

It seems to include the basic of every monk fix already full BAB and reduced MAD (no need for strength); plus its superior finesse makes it too dip-able. It gets a bit too much really, or at least in comparison to non-power gamed core melee classes and that's without trying to break it (6 attacks per round, each dealing 1d8 + maximized dex and with 3 practically assured of hitting and another 2 with a decent chance). Like I said don't have the experience with ToB to compare it to that but definitely beats fighter, monk, ranger, and probably barbarian in a basic fight. With ubercharging they might win, but it can pull it off as well (albeit a little reduced because of 1 handed weaponry limit), also won't do too well as a tripper or grappler.