View Full Version : Looking for stated out Bull or Ox

2009-10-31, 12:44 AM
i've looked through monster manuals 1 through 4, google search, wizzards dnd site search, and i have not seen a bull or ox stated out for dnd 3.5. I thought it would be a creature stated out because of the spell named "bulls strength", and the other stat boosting spells have an actual creature stated out for them (fox, owl, etc...)

i'm curious if anyone here knows of a dnd book or web site that has stated out a bull/ox for dnd 3.5?

my main purpose for this is to apply the mage-bread template to the creature for a mount for my goliath fighter. My character is fighter 6, dungeon crasher sub levels, ECL 7, almost to the point where he can easily make the handel animal checks to train a bull if he couldn't find one already trained (my dm is kinda picky about details). Basicly, i want a creature than can join me in my door and wall destruction, wis=6 for this char, and he loves to smash :)

2009-10-31, 01:32 AM
Check the The Book Of Familiars by Troll Lord Games (avilable at DriveThruRPG.com or trolllord.com). They have the bull as well as a bunch of other animals. Would post my modified version, but it uses an altered skill setup for my campaign. You might be able to just get the Appendixes instead of the entire book, they had been selling it in parts.

2009-10-31, 10:05 AM
Drop the HD on bison to 4 or so. Or you could grab a free copy of Labyrinth Lord (TSR-era Basic D&D) and adapt the livestock stats from there.

2009-10-31, 10:14 AM
Just grab a similar animal (In this case bison) and use it's stats.