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2009-11-01, 08:34 AM
Just for pure interst's sake I'm fiddling around with stating out a gestalt Buffing/protecting character.

Race: Earth Mephing -2 INT, -2 dex, +2 str, +2 cha, 10ft burrow speed, 30ft land, small sized, weak bludgoning Con breathbeapon, +1 CL for earth spells LA+1

Crusader ...20: cos it gets devoted spirit and white raven. also full bab and Towersheild prof. and also cos it gets devoted spirit and white raven... did i mention it get's white raven and devoted spirit?

Bard: logically (but not by RAW) having bard as my base class, wich is gishy means i can take gishy PrC's - I'm not expanding my role - i'm just exapanding on my current role. kinda odd the under gesthalt PrC paladin is banned but paladin is not.

Cleric 1=>Ruby Knight Vindicator - not cos i want divine casting, but because i think i might not have enough manouvers to get All of the delicousness that is white raven and devoted spirit.
Maybe make my Bard lvl divine bard then i can advance it's casting...

Dragon Shaman 1: 3 auras to pick. can only have 1 active at a time, but still wonderful. I think Energy Shield, Sensem abd Presence.

Marshal 4, (i want the second minor, for motivate X, wisdom i think), and since i'm there might as well get the ability top grant the whole party a move action. Major selection depends on play lvl, cos different things scale diffently.

Fighter 2 - I know i'll want the feats

gestalt give me 40 odd Class lvl to play with, and hopefully will take some of the suckyness out of come of the buffing classes.

Shield Mate;
improved ShieldMate
Bastard sword proficency - Cos with a bleedingbig shield you want a bleeding big sword.NOT COMPENSATING for being only 3 ft tall.

Addimantium Towershield.
Addimatium Fullplate.
Bastard sword.

synergies that are immidiately apparent.
OMGZORS so many bonuses to charging, for the whole party and they stack.

Order forged from chaos. + grant move action: as my move action: so the party makes a move action, as a imedidate action i grant them another move action (before they get out of my range).
then Swarm tactics stance.

2009-11-02, 08:21 AM
considering after the arcane bard dip, (or maybe more)
going for a two lvl dip in
Arcane Duelist PrC (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20030224a)
to add my CHa wich will be my second best stat to my AC.
Requires mobility and the MiC version of Dodge...
and 5 ranks in perform and tumble, but at lvl 1 basically grants you weapon specialization (-1) and weapon foucs, in that it give a +1 stacking enhancement bonus to to hit.
I don't think it was intended to be done to a bastardsword, but nothing says it can't
and Lvl 2 my CHA to my ACV - In Fullplate? OK.\

maybe the Paladin Dip would be worth it to add my CHA to all my saves, but i get CHA to will from crusader (specifically doesn't stack with paladin), and in gestalt my saves are going already be pretty decent.