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2009-11-04, 05:54 AM
Heya. So I'm new to the Star Wars Saga Edition. I was wondering if anyone knows of any class handbooks (like those which can be found for the 3.5 D&D classes). I'm not looking for straight builds or to min/max. But it'd be nice to look over a compilation of what's what in respect to each class. If not, do you have any suggestions for me (besides play a different race)?
The setting: My group got to talking away from the DM and I mentioned that I wanted to play an Ewok (yes, this got me some looks), and I explained that despite the stupidity of "arrows > blasters" in the Ewoks winning the day they were an awesome little race. They are little carnivorous bears that freaking eat other sentient creatures. They are feral little tribal dudes (you know they totally had a banquet/feast after defeating the Storm Troopers.....who do you think was the main course?). Jokes ensued and the concept of a group of force sensitive Ewoks, who happen to get their hands on an old clunker, that take to the stars would be fun. The DM is not amused. He loves his SW. Btw, this is taking place a few hundred years after Return of the Jedi. There's been a cleansing and no force users (especially sith or jedi) exist until you hit the outer rim....they are in hiding.
I've looked at some of the books and message boards and have narrowed down what I'd like to play somewhat. Pretty sure I don't want to play a rifle junkie (no Sniper/CT Killer/Gunslinger/etc). A juggernaut with force powers would be fun, but I just don't feel I have the stats for it (only two good stats). So, I think I'd like to play a wizard build with some fun defensive capabilities. Looking at maybe Noble/Soldier and playing on a tribal shaman aspect who dips into jedi with training (it's not available at creation, due to rarity of trained force users atm) and then branching into Force Adept/Disciple who goes into the Jedi or Sith respective classes once we decide just how we are going to run this thing. Also, I've seen mention of monks.....where they at? All I've seen is one talent tree somewhere (name escapes me atm). Thanks for any help.

Feats looking at taking:
Force Sensitivity
Force Trainingx3 (one is free due to story)
Extra Second Wind
Fast Surge
Skill Focus: Use the Force
........not sure what else really.

Talents looking at taking:
Wealth (CORE pg44)
Mercenaries Grit (TotG pg57)
Equilibrium (CORE pg101)
Force Harmony (JATM pg16)
Force Recovery? Damage Reduction? (CORE pg101)
Channel Vitality (JATM pg18)

Stats for this char would be:
Str 7
Dex 15
Con 11
Int 12
Wis 15
Cha 15

2009-11-04, 06:13 AM
Okay, slow down there. You've said when the game is set, and it looks as if you have a fairly good GM who has taken you into a time in Star Wars where you have room to move about without bumping into anything major. Time is perhaps one of the most important factors in SW as some rules are simply off-limits due to the fact that the people who made them are not around yet or have been dead for a very long time. I suggest you don't bother with any of the Campaign Supplements before Legacy and you'll be fine in terms of content.

Secondly, SW Saga doesn't really have class books. There's books like 'Scum and Villainy", "Jedi Academy", "Galaxy at War" as well as the upcoming "Galaxy of Intrigue" and "The Unknown Regions" but they're not very class specific, aside from the Jedi book.

Now for your class: Noble/Scout. I call the Noble the "squishy wizard" as they have the worst hit dice but have the most trained skills, unless you're a GM and wanting a noble NPC this class is only really good if you plan to multi-class it with something else and want all their skills, like you are planning to do. You will have to spend some feats to get yourself some decent weapons as a soldier, as they only have a few (but make up for it in their trained skills).

But why an Ewok would be a noble is beyond me, as Nobles mean "High Galaxy". People like Princess Leia and Padme are nobles, I'd consider Ewoks being scouts or soldiers at best.

2009-11-04, 06:27 AM
Galaxy at War? When did that come out?

2009-11-04, 06:29 AM
Last month, and it's not all I hoped it would be. I wanted some more stuff on big battles, it's more about commandos :smallannoyed:

2009-11-04, 07:14 AM
As far as book availability goes, the DM has said any are useable, so long as we clear the specific item in question with him first. And the Scout probably fits better than the Noble (simply wanted the wealth talent, which I can't afford due to this build taking so many). I thought Nobel would also go well with the whole "Shaman" tribal leader vibe. Kinda, if Palpatine had grown up an Ewok type character, but I'm pretty sure Scouts going to be my first level. We're starting at 3rd so: Scout 1 / Soldier 2 then into Jedi when it is available.