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2009-11-08, 06:15 AM
I'm running a Star Wars campaign and I am SO out of ideas for a plot for the damn thing.
Help me Obi-wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!

-Near the end of the Clone Wars
-Party is 2 Jedi (1 Master, 1 Padawan) of questionable morality (but lightside nonetheless), 2 bounty hunters and 1 clone commando w/ tech speciality.
-Party is working for the REPUBLIC
-They will be primarily on the OUTERouter Rim- gives more freedom & plot wiggle room
-I would LIKE to stay away from Ancient Sith Temples >_o; Its been overdone, imo

Anyone have any ideas?

Frog Dragon
2009-11-08, 06:44 AM
You could go for Czerkan machinations. Maybe they are still using slaves in some areas outside Republic jurisdiction. With outer Rim there wouldn't be much problems with that kind of stuff. The PC:s could run into clues of this kind of operation.

Just one suggestion.

2009-11-08, 07:09 AM
A major malfunction aboard a Droid Control Ship has instructed those under it's command that organic life is the enemy. Now a small army of rogue Battledroids is out terrorizing the space lanes and killing everyone they find.

2009-11-08, 07:49 AM
Both AWESOME ideas, thank you :D
I wouldn't mind a few more though D:

And how the heck do you guys come up with this stuff like its nothing?

2009-11-08, 07:55 AM
Several Battallions of the Clone Troopers had a mistake made in their manufacture, and are now unwilling to serve the republic. They have set down in a Heavily populated area, and have begun demanding quasi-religous obedience to them, as they claim to serve some character known only as the 'Progenitor.'

Pretty standard stuff.

2009-11-08, 07:58 AM
Getting drunk in front of the computer typing down what falls into your mind while listening to weird music also works, you just have to edit it the next morning..

2009-11-08, 07:58 AM
A civil war has erupted on a minor system in the Outer Rim, as freedom fighters rebel against the planet's legitimate government. With the Jedi and the Republic busy with the Clone Wars, the rebellion has gone unnoticed until now. The party have to work out why one faction rose up in rebellion, and who they should side with. Also, it's rumoured that the planet's natural resources have attracted the attention of the Seperatists, who are secretly providing the rebellion with equipment and droids.

2009-11-08, 09:17 AM
Thanks guys, I love all this stuff :D
I've been watching the movies and the animated stuff trying to look for inspiration but there isnt much to be found- all thats to be shown they show you, nothing left up to the imagination lol

I'm using an unholy blend of everything involved here, and what you've all said has sparked my creativity so I'm adding a little bit of my own too :D
I hope they like it, I'll post back here to tell you what they thought!

2009-11-08, 09:33 AM
Ancient sith temples are cliche?

MODERN sith temples! A sith cult is emerging inside some metropolis and the PCs must hunt them down; this is fun because the new guys don't really know what they're doing. They'll occasionally bicker amongst themselves about what is the most sithy thing to do, and some of them will overdo/underdo the look, etc.