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2009-11-10, 09:24 PM
After watching for the first time in years The Beauty and the Beast yesterday (I know, bear with me), I realised how much fun there would be in

1- Taking out the childish aspects
2- Finding a nice place within the Warhammer Fantasy universe
3- Twisting it horribly with horror, mutant and Chaos.
4- ??????
5- Profit

But why stop at Beauty and the Beast? How about Snowwhite and the 7 Dwarves? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty?

Most of our childhood stories are filled with classics that just demand to be raped to death by Slaneesh.

For clarity sake, I would request that if you want to add/comment/argue about other people`s idea, put into spoiler your idea with the concerned tale right above, like that:

Beauty and the Beast
A rich Knight of Bretonnia (well, it IS set in France, after all!) was only driven by the desire to kill more for his personnal glory. One night, an old peasant woman asked to rest at his keep, and he ordered her hanged for her impertinence.

Right when the militamen were about to seize her, she uncloaked herself, and everybody could see that she was tall, slender and beautiful! She looked like a Fey, but... darker. She cursed him on the spot.

"For you know only the pulsion of Khorne in your heart, I say you now take a face worthy of his stupid realm! For now, to be rid of this curse, you will need to Embrace Slaneesh the Lover, and be Embraced in Return!"

The Knight screamed, and fled while ordering his guards to kill the witch...

All of the surviving witnesses of that night ran away immediately while the intruder got gouged in the feasting hall. For afterward, not a single soul got out of the castle. It is rumoured that a Beast hunts this gigantic castle. A Beast horned and powerful. A Beast that desperately needs to one day know passion with a woman, if he ever wants to find his form again.

All intruders who ever got in the castle reports that it is curiously kept very clean. Except for a single pool of blood in the feasting hall, which never dried.

(Now... how do you make players go in? How further can we drive this castle into a realm of madness, in which lives a Slanesh-spawned Creature of Khorne?)

How can the curse be really broken...?

And what happen if it is?

2009-11-10, 11:13 PM
To be fair, most of them seem like they were written by Slaanesh and Khorne, and Bowlderized over the years to fit changing sensibilities.

For instance, in the original version of Sleeping Beauty, the sleeping princess didn't wake up until she gave birth to the twins that the prince fathered.

Yeah, just think on that one a bit.

2009-11-10, 11:24 PM
Yes, the original faery tales were much darker than anything Disney ever put out. :smallamused: With many of them reverting to the original is as good as twisting the story in methods best left unspoken...

2009-11-11, 08:37 AM
While the idea of adapting the tale with a Warhammer touch is interesting, I am wondering how to make it fit in a game...

Oh. And please guess the origin of this tale:

The stoic priest of Sigmar takes in a mutant child and hides it in his temple to teach him the Work of Sigmar. When the child is grown up, a group of Striganies cross the town. The priest wants them out, as they are probably worshippers of Chaos.

But one of them is the most beautiful woman he ever seen, and the Captain of the Knights fall him love with her. Same with the Priest. Same with the Mutant...

In the end, the Priest accuses the woman to be a worshipper of Slaneesh, and have her burnt at the stake since she refused his advances. The mutant kills the priest in retaliation, and take the corpse with him.

And now, for my personnal touch:

The Capitain of the Guard is now seduced by the wiles of Slaneesh, as shown to him by the young Strigany. He convert his young fiance to this worship, but he kills all the Striganies to cover his traces.

The Mutant now travels the land with the corpse on his back. He talks to her, and tries to keep her as beautiful as he can remember, hoping that she will wake up. It is only a matter of time before something happens...