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2009-11-11, 07:52 AM
Hey folks, I've been invited to join a GURPS game next week and it'll actually be my first time as a player rather than DM in GURPS. It's also the first non-modern (pre-gunpowder era) time in GURPS as well so I decided rather than bother with magic to start with, I'd play a ranger type.

I picked out animal friend for an extra set of teeth or possibly some kind of tripping wolf to assist other party members while I pepper enemy magic users (the implication is there would be a fair few, zealot types) with arrows to disrupt their spellcasting. I'm a bit at a loss here though as I have no experience of low-tech GURPS, much less fantasy and was curious for any opinions on this. I don't actually know the point limits so I assumed a standard 150 point build for a "hero in a fantasy setting" character.

Name: Tyrmatt Warpwood
Race: Human

Attributes [131]
ST 10
DX 13 [60]
IQ 11 [20]
HT 10

HP 15 [10]
Will 14 [15]
Per 16 [20] (Perception includes +1 from 'Extra Perception')
FP 12 [6]

Basic Lift 20
Damage 1d-2/1d

Basic Speed 5.75
Basic Move 5

Ground Move 5
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 3 [0]
Cultural Familiarities:

Advantages [24]
Acute Vision (2) [4]
Animal Empathy [5]
Animal Friend (2) [10]
Extra Perception (1) (Affects displayed Per score) [5]

Disadvantages [-30]
Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]
Callous [-5]
Easy to Read [-10]
Stubbornness [-5]

Skills [20]
Animal Handling (Dogs) IQ/A - IQ+2 13 [3]
includes: +2 from 'Animal Friend'
Bow DX/A - DX+1 14 [5]
Camouflage IQ/E - IQ+3 14 [1]
Herb Lore/TL3 IQ/VH - IQ-3 8 [1]
Hiking HT/A - HT-1 9 [1]
Naturalist (Earth) IQ/H - IQ-2 9 [1]
Running HT/A - HT-1 9 [1]
Survival (Mountain) Per/A - Per-1 15 [1]
Survival (Woodlands) Per/A - Per+0 16 [3]
Sword! DX/WC - DX-3 10 [3]

Stats [131] Ads [24] Disads [-30] Quirks [0] Skills [20] = Total [145]

Hand Weapons

Ranged Weapons
1 Light Cloak LC: Dam:spcl. Acc:1 Range:2 / 2
RoF:1 Shots:T(1) ST:5 Bulk:-4 Rcl: $20 Wgt:2 Notes:[1]/[4]
1 Longbow LC:4 Dam:1d imp Acc:3 Range:150 / 200
RoF:1 Shots:1(2) ST:11 Bulk:-8 Rcl: $200 Wgt:3 Notes:[3]

Armor & Possessions
50 Arrow $100 Wgt:5 Location:
1 Leather Armor $100 Wgt:10 Location:torso, groin
1 Leather Gloves $30 Wgt:0 Location:hands

The theory is to eventually head for Zen Archery and maybe some kind of magical enhancements if they are available but I'd appreciate feedback from the GURPing contingent here, particularly on getting my Animal Friend to be useful.

2009-11-11, 08:29 AM
You'd probably want the Strongbow Perk (it increases your Strength for Archery only and is a very neat 1 CP to invest in any Archer Build). The Heroic Archer Advantage and / or Weapon Master (Bows) is the other real cool stuff, but unfortunately, that's expensive.

I would also reduce Perception by 1 and increase your Basic Speed for the same costs, because that would increase your Dodge score by one - and if your holding a bow, parrying is probably a stupid idea.

The division between the direct Perception bonus and the extra perception bonus is a bit weird - the extra abilities are pretty much meant for template buidling. If you only create a template-less character, that just makes your write-up more confusing.

If you want to have an animal companion, you could easily take one as an ally, especially with the summonable modifier.

I also think that your character lacks most of the all-important everyman's skills such as Area Knowledges (the more the better), Current Affairs, Savoir Faire, Hobbies, etc. which would make the character more interesting and help him to make himself the butt of many jokes for not finding his family's residence in his hometown.
If you are using Wild Card Skills anyway, you should probably merge your outdoors skills into one ("Ranger!") as well. Using both skill systems and talents can lead to weird results.

On the other hand, 150 CP is a bit low for a typical fantasy campaign; Gurps: Dungeon Fantasy (Basically DnD -everthing but better edition powered by Gurps) assumes 250 CP for starting characters -and that for a good reason.