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Mauril Everleaf
2009-11-12, 01:25 AM
Okay, so it is well established that mounts/riders do not confer evasion from one to the other. That's fine to me and (as I have now discussed this with them) my group. We would, however, find some way to make this possible.

Discussing things with the primary GM, we are wanting to craft a feat that (with a clever use of the Ride skill) allowed the mount to confer evasion to its rider.

Something like this:

Skilled Rider
Prerequisite: 7 ranks in Ride, Mounted Combat
Benefit: By succeeding on a Ride check (DC = 10 + 1/2 damage taken) a rider may gain the benefit of Evasion if your mount has Evasion.
Normal: A rider does not gain the benefits of Evasion from his mount.

Just a rough stab at a feat. I'm sure it needs a lot of polishing. Also, maybe their needs to be a "greater" version that allows Improved Evasion.


2009-11-12, 01:55 AM
Who's damage? The rider, or the mount, or the damage dealt? I mean, if you make the save, then it's 0 damage, so the check is a flat DC 10 (which is impossible to fail if you have even a mere +2 ability bonus to ride). However, if it's based on the damage you would take, it's a very hard check because, quite frankly, damage is the only thing that scales faster than skill checks.

Also, 7 ranks in a skill is an odd number to choose, because you can't get a feat unless you are at third or sixth... wait, pathfinder, nevermind, you get one every two levels, so it's a fourth level feat. Ok, ignore that part.

Mauril Everleaf
2009-11-12, 02:41 AM
Well, I was sort of basing it off how Concentration checks work in Pathfinder. It was meant to be damage to the rider.

Also, with a feat every other level, but with skill ranks equaling hit dice now, it's a level 7 feat (which is a feat level in Pathfinder).

Okay, so if not making the check based on damage, what should it be based on?

2009-11-12, 02:50 AM
A flat check? Granted, that's easily breakable, but this is either incredibly easy to make (you evade it, taking no damage, so the mount evades as well) or impossible to make (you don't evade it, now make a DC 30 check is, in fact, probably the least you could expect).

And I'm not too familiar with pathfinder, so sorry if I got the rules wrong.

Mauril Everleaf
2009-11-15, 06:50 PM
Edited feat based on feedback elsewhere.

Skilled Rider
Prerequisite: 7 ranks in Ride, Mounted Combat
Benefit: A rider may substitute a ride check for a Reflex save while mounted. The DC for the ride check is equal to the DC for the Reflex save. If he is successful, he may use his mount's Reflex save as his own. He may also apply Evasion (but not improved Evasion) if his mount has it.
Normal: A rider makes his own Reflex save and does not gain the benefits of Evasion from his mount.

How does this look?

2009-11-15, 07:14 PM
If the mount has improved evasion does the rider get that to?

Mauril Everleaf
2009-11-15, 07:20 PM
I didn't intend it to. Just regular Evasion. I considered special wording to make that clear but decided it wasn't necessary. I also thought I might need to say that if a mount had Improved Evasion (but not Evasion for some reason) that the rider gains the benefit of Evasion (but not Improved Evasion).