View Full Version : [4e] The Chronotyrn, Level 21 Solo Controller: Updated from 3.5.

2009-11-13, 10:58 AM
I had spent an hour or so updating the statistics of a favorite 3.5 monster of mine, the Chronotyryn from pages 33-34 of the Fiend Folio, simply because I had found the creature to be unique and intriguing. If you would like to mesh these entities in with the planar cosmology of 4e, you could have them compose a relatively diminutive choir of angels who were tasked by the gods to oversee the stability of the space-time continuum, but who had then, after figuring that infinity and eternity were as stalwart as stone and were in no need of guardians, split apart and resolved to individually travel the planes in search of knowledge and esoterica to alleviate their ennui.

Encounter Groups:
Due to their affinity with the metal that is adamantine, they can sometimes be found in the company of adamantine dragons, which are employed as bodyguards and mounts due to their brutish nature, particularly adults (level 21 elite soldier; use the elite dragon template from page 218 of the Draconomicon) and elders (level 21 solo soldier). The nomadic nature of the maruts complements the similar lifestyle of the chronotyryns, and so it is not uncommon for these similarly-hued creatures to travel together as well.

Level 24 Encounter (32,000 XP):
✦ 1 chronotyryn (level 21 solo controller)
✦ 1 elder adamantine dragon (level 21 solo soldier; Monster Manual 2, p76)

Level 24 Encounter (32,000 XP):
✦ 1 chronotyryn (level 21 solo controller)
✦ 2 elite "elder" adamantine dragons (level 21 elite soldiers; Monster Manual 2, p76)
✦ 1 marut prosecutor (level 21 standard controller [leader]; Monster Manual 2, p162)