View Full Version : Cat Ambush Squad!! (help 3.5)

2009-11-13, 05:14 PM
I have finally found a group irl that I might have some fun with for once. Since the healer, tank, and glass cannon parts are taken care of I was thinking of making a Roguish/Tracker style character with at least three felines that I could use to funnel and flank the enemies into the tanks giant axe sweep.

Any ideas? I was thinking of making a Scout/Beastmaster, but that may or may not work out well. The campaign isnt high-powered, so Power isn't the absolute focus.

2009-11-13, 05:18 PM
Tibbit(Dragon Compendium) is the race, so you can turn into a cat. Wild Cohort gets you a cat Animal Companion. Any arcane class(Beguiler is good)+Obtain Familiar get you a cat Familiar. Leadership can get you another Tibbit. I'd recommend either Beguiler or Rogue as the class, perhaps going Arcane Trickster or Unseen Seer.

2009-11-13, 05:51 PM
I might do that, but I'm trying to not use to much magic. I'm hoping for this to be easy to explain, with few various splatbooks. Thank you for your assistance Sstoopidtallkid, I appreciate it.

2009-11-13, 09:06 PM
And if you are allowed homebrew stuff check out the Cat Burglar class in my sig.

Dusk Eclipse
2009-11-13, 09:29 PM
Check the cat folk from races of the wild (LA +1 though)

2009-11-13, 10:23 PM
Go with Beastmaster, and pick up Wild Cohort (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20031118a) for an extra feline friend. And don't forget the Companion Bond feat, to make your AC all that much tougher in a scrap. By 10th level, you could have a Dire Lion, Lion and Leopard at your side. Call yourself Sigfried (or Roy). :smalltongue: