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2009-11-14, 01:25 AM
Hey y'all. After reading some of my 40K novels, i've been wondering about making a battle cleric based around a Terminator Chaplain. I've always liked the idea of the terror they can invoke in both the enemy and their own brothers, and their abilities. Since my knowledge concerning casters in general is limited, i've come to ask the more experienced OP'ers and divine players on how to best fit the Chaplain theme i want. Some of the things i'm looking for, or want further down the line are:

-ways to get permanent Divine Power and Righteous Might
-Equal parts close combat and team support.
-a single Fighter level, just to get the martial weapon and all armor and shield proficiencies and the skills useful for dungeoneering. The other levels being strictly used to get my divine caster level up
-Race, item, and feat suggestions to fit the theme i'm looking for.
-Unless absolutely necessary, i want to try to avoid any Tome of Battle applications, just due to the fact that i don't wanna give myself a headache as much as the DM.

Anything else y'all think will fit the Terminator Chaplain flavor of the character i want, by all means, describe. Can't wait to hear your replies. Cheers.

2009-11-14, 01:43 AM

that should help you out some

armour - they're already proficient across the board (including shield)
weapons - they get clubs/maces built in. drop some buffs on that and you've got your crozius. Clerics of martial gods would be advised to use their dieties favoured weapon anyway

no need to do that fighter dip

a fighter dip would remove spell casting levels - not ideal as it wouldn;t really bring much in return

re making certain things "permanent" - not sure it would be entirely what you're after, but you'll probably want to read up and gain an understanding of devine metamagic persist. DMM cheese is the cornerstone of a lot of CoDzilla builds

obtain both the following if you do not already have them:
complete divine
spell compendium

they're essential for any cleric building outside of core

flavour-wise... guess its down to how you portray the character. spell selection plays a part too. You may want to see if playing a favoured soul better fits the idea you originally had in mind too. Roughly put - favoured souls are to clerics, what sorcerers are to wizards. Not quite tier 1 power levels (for a number of reasons), but still packing a hell of a punch and capable of being party tank in a pinch

2009-11-14, 01:47 AM
Chappies don't really seem like the spellcasting sorta type, to be honest.

I'd say play a crusader, but that's ToB, so, um, I got nothing. Sorry.

2009-11-14, 02:21 AM
Sorry to say it, but I agree with SparkMandriller, ToB fits better than Cleric. I'd use the Goliath race to give you bigger guns and higher strength. If you can fit Knight 5 into your build, you could go for Glassteel Mechanus Gear as your armour, or you could use that Clockwork Armour from the WotC website.

2009-11-14, 03:44 AM
hmmmmm, good points, and thank you for the link. This gives me some ideas to work with. I'll talk with my DM, and if he allows ToB to be used, i'll give it a reading over and see what can be done to get the style character i wish. Thanks Spark Mandriller and Grumman, you two are life savers.

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-11-14, 03:59 AM
Use Clockwork Armor (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/cw/20070212a)