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2009-11-14, 02:20 PM
The Devil's Fruit
The Yami Yami no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit.

Devil's Fruits are mysterious, mystical fruits that give those who eat them strange, interesting, and perhaps even powerful abilities. Because encounters with them are rare, a number of rumors about them have risen making it difficult to tell whether some things are fact or fiction. The average person knows nothing or very little about what they are. Their potential power makes them highly sought after, even given the drawbacks, making them as priceless as some artifacts.

The Devil Fruit, when consumed, gives the consumer a power or special trait, though they won't immediately become aware of it. They come in different shapes, colors, and all Devil Fruits have swirl marks on them of some kind. There can be only one of each type of fruit at a time. Only one bite is needed for the user to gain the power of a Devil Fruit, after which the Devil Fruit becomes a simple, useless, disgusting fruit. Swallowing the fruit whole has the same effect, or peeling off the skin and eating it piece by piece also works. However, the powers granted by the fruits are nearly impossible to identify without consuming it, so eating one is a major gamble.

With this new power comes a weakness: the sea rejects the new Devil Fruit user and they become helpless while submerged in water. This applies to any standing body of water, but rain or waves don't weaken a Devil Fruit user. If a user is not completely submerged, they can still use their powers from the parts of their body that are above the water.

There are three types of Devil Fruit:
Paramecia: The most common of the three classes, users of Paramecia Devil Fruits gains super-human physical abilities. Other users can alter features of their bodies or their environment. Finally, there are some users than can manipulate and generate some kind of substances.
Zoan: The users of Zoan class Devil Fruits gains the ability to transform into an animal (and acquire every ability affiliated with the said animal). The user can also transform into a human-beast hybrid form. There are Zoan Devil Fruits not only for common animals, but for prehistorical animals and mythological creatures as well.
Logia: The rarest of the three classes, users of Logia Devil Fruits gains the abilities to manipulate and transform themselves into an element. They also gain every ability related to that element and gains the skill to regenerate every part of their bodies (even their whole bodies) from that element.

Devil Fruit in your game
Devil Fruit allow characters interesting new abilities, each fruit being different, but they have one universal flaw. The user automatically fails any Swim checks, and is considered Helpless underwater, being at risk for drowning. The fruits can only be consumed by those who have a working, normal metabolism. Only one Devil Fruit power may be possessed by a single creature; if they consume another, their bodies and soul are ripped apart from the inside, killing them instantly and making it impossible to bring them back by anything less than a Wish spell, which can be used to undo the effects of the last Devil Fruit they ate. They can then be revived normally.

((Creator's note: As this is a work in progress, applying Devil Fruit abilities to objects will be held off until it's clear how it happens, and when I figure out how to work it into the system.))

Paramecia Type:

Gomu Gomu no Mi (English versions: Gum-Gum Fruit): Gives the user a body made of rubber.
Bara Bara no Mi (English versions: Chop-Chop Fruit): Allows the user to split their body into separate parts. Also gives them immunity to blades.
Sube Sube no Mi (English versions: Slip-Slip Fruit/Smooth-Smooth Fruit): Makes user slippery. [IN PROGRESS]
Kilo Kilo no Mi (English versions: Kilo-Kilo Fruit): Allows the user to change their body weight. [IN PROGRESS]
Bomu Bomu no Mi (English versions: Bomb-Bomb Fruit/Boom-Boom Fruit): Turns the user's body and secretions into bombs. [IN PROGRESS]
Hana Hana no Mi (English versions: Hana-Hana Fruit/Flower-Flower Fruit): Allows the user to grow extra limbs on surfaces. [IN PROGRESS]
Doru Doru no Mi (English versions: Wax-Wax Fruit): Allows the user to create and manipulate wax. Easily mistaken as a Logia. [IN PROGRESS]
Baku Baku no Mi (English versions: Munch-Munch Fruit): Allows the user to eat anything and merge with it. [IN PROGRESS]
Mane Mane no Mi (English versions: Clone-Clone Fruit): Allows the user to physically transform into another sentient being. [IN PROGRESS]
Toge Toge no Mi (English versions: Spike-Spike Fruit): Allows the user to grow spikes from their body. [IN PROGRESS]
Supa Supa no Mi (English versions: Dice-Dice Fruit): Allows the user to become steel and be able to form steel weapons on their body. [IN PROGRESS]
Ori Ori no Mi (English versions: Cage-Cage Fruit): Allows the user to place shackles on opponents. [IN PROGRESS]
Bane Bane no Mi (English versions: Spring-Spring Fruit): Allows the user to turn their limbs into springs. [IN PROGRESS]
Noro Noro no Mi (English versions: Slow-Slow Fruit): Allows the user to slow objects and people for 30 seconds. [IN PROGRESS]
Doa Doa no Mi (English versions: Door-Door Fruit): Allows the user to create doors/portals in space. [IN PROGRESS]
Awa Awa no Mi: Allows the user to create and control soap bubbles. These bubbles can clean anything, including strength. Easily mistaken as a Logia. [IN PROGRESS]
Beri Beri no Mi: Allows the user to split body into orbs. [IN PROGRESS]
Sabi Sabi no Mi: Allows the user to rust metal. [IN PROGRESS]
Shari Shari no Mi: Allows the user to turn limbs into wheels. [IN PROGRESS]
Yomi Yomi no Mi (English versions: Revive-Revive Fruit): Grants the user a second life. However, once the user has been brought back from death, their power becomes inactive and they are merely left with their inability to swim.
Kage Kage no Mi (English versions: Shadow-Shadow Fruit): Allows the user to manifest and control shadows. [IN PROGRESS]
Horo Horo no Mi: Allows the user to control ghosts that they create. [IN PROGRESS]
Suke Suke no Mi (English versions: Clear-Clear Fruit): Allows the user to become invisible. [IN PROGRESS]
Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (English versions: Paw-Paw Fruit): Allows the user to repel anything they touch. Including physical feelings (such as pain and fatigue). [IN PROGRESS]
Mero Mero no Mi (English versions: Love-Love Fruit): Allows the user to turn others to stone. Only works if the victim is not in control of their emotions (usually those of lust or love). [IN PROGRESS]
Doku Doku no Mi (English versions: Venom-Venom Fruit): Allows user to create and manipulate poison. Easily mistaken as a Logia. [IN PROGRESS]
Horu Horu no Mi: Allows user to inject different hormones into its own body as well as others' bodies. [IN PROGRESS]
Choki Choki no Mi: Allows user to transform parts of their body into scissors. Anything cut by these scissors briefly gains the properties of paper. [IN PROGRESS]
Gura Gura no Mi: Allows user to cause shock waves by shattering the air, through which the user can create earthquakes and tsunamis. [IN PROGRESS]

Goe Goe no Mi: Allows the user to create powerful sound waves by shouting. [IN PROGRESS]
Kama Kama no Mi (English dub: Sickle-Sickle Fruit): Allows user to manipulate air into sharp projectiles. [IN PROGRESS]
Hiso Hiso no Mi (English dub: Whisper-Whisper Fruit): Allows user to talk to animals. [IN PROGRESS]
Kachi Kachi no Mi: Allows the user to harden their body and raise body temperature. [IN PROGRESS]
Samu Samu no Mi (English versions: Samu-Samu Fruit): The user can only tell bad jokes.
Gero Gero no Mi: Makes the user disgusting.
Nemu Nemu no Mi: Allows the user to induce sleepiness. [IN PROGRESS]
Atsu Atsu no Mi: Allows the user to manipulate heat. Easily mistaken as a Logia. [IN PROGRESS]
Mini Mini no Mi: Allows the user to change body size. [IN PROGRESS]
Noko Noko no Mi: Allows user to create and control poisonous mushroom spores. Easily mistaken as a Logia. [IN PROGRESS]

Zoan Type:
Rules in progress. Examples also in progress.

Logia Type:

Moku Moku no Mi (English Version: Smoke-Smoke Fruit/Plume-Plume Fruit): Element of smoke. [IN PROGRESS]
Mera Mera no Mi (English Version: Flame-Flame Fruit/Flare-Flare Fruit): Element of fire. [IN PROGRESS]
Suna Suna no Mi (English Version: Sand-Sand Fruit): Element of sand. [IN PROGRESS]
Goro Goro no Mi (English Version: Rumble-Rumble Fruit): Element of electricity. [IN PROGRESS]
Hie Hie no Mi: Element of ice. [IN PROGRESS]
Yami Yami no Mi: Element of darkness and the gravity of darkness. [IN PROGRESS]
Pika Pika no Mi (English Version: Glint-Glint Fruit): Element of light. [IN PROGRESS]

2009-11-14, 02:21 PM
Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum-Gum Fruit)
The Gomu Gomu no Mi turns the user's body into rubber, allowing them to stretch their body to amazing lengths at will. The abilities this Devil Fruit grants:

Strength +4.
Immunity to Electricity.
Damage Reduction 5/slashing or piercing. This damage reduction increases by 5 for every 4 HD the user possesses.
The user can increase their reach by a number of feet equal to (Str mod * 10) at will.
Blunt projectiles such as bullets and cannonballs bounce right off of the user's body, dealing no damage.

Bara Bara no Mi (Chop-Chop Fruit)
The Bara Bara no Mi makes the user immune to slashing attacks, and they are able to split their body into pieces, allowing them to control each and every segment of their own will. The abilities this Devil Fruit grants:

Immunity to weapons of the slashing type.
The user can split several parts of their body off at will, as a free action once per round; Head, Torso, either or both of their arms, either or both of their hands, either or both of their legs, and either or both of their feet. Each part must be within 10 ft/HD of another. Aside from their feet, each part has a fly speed equal to half their base ground speed, with perfect maneuverability. Their feet stay on the ground, moving at their base ground speed. Each part is treated as having 1/10th of the user's full HP, and has an AC of 15 (10 base, +5 Dodge) plus the user's Dexterity modifier. The user's hands can be manipulated as normal, making attacks as a Dancing weapon, whether they have a weapon in hand or not. When two parts are adjacent to each other they can combine again as a free action, combining their HP, until every part of the user is combined again.

Yomi Yomi no Mi
This Devil's Fruit allows the user to come back to life after dying at their choice, as the True Resurreccion spell. This can be used once in their lifetime, but isn't limited by any amount of time since the death. A soul has to spend time looking for their body, however, be it in the most insignificant speck possible. This requires a DC15 Knowledge (the planes) check to acknowledge what plane the body died on, a DC 20 Knowledge (geography) check to acknowledge what region or area within 100 miles/HD the body died in, and a DC25 Search check to find the body each day. Checks need to be done in order, and if the user passes one check, they need not do it again before they find their body.

Samu Samu no Mi (Samu-Samu Fruit)
This Devil's Fruit makes the user automatically fail all Perform(comedy) checks. Their jokes are utterly horrible.

Gero Gero no Mi
This Devil's Fruit makes the user so hideous, all NPCs are treated as one step less friendly than they usually would be unless they cover themselves up sufficiently (DC 10 Disguise check).

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Placeholder for Zoan-type Devil Fruit!

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Placeholder for Logia-type Devil Fruit!

2009-12-28, 08:24 AM
MOAR! ... please

2009-12-28, 08:52 AM
Nice work! Here are some homebrew fruits I'm using in a campaign:


Cloth-Cloth Fruit: Can manipulate clothing, fabrics, etc.

Blah-Blah Fruit: Can manipulate human speech.

Sound-Sound Fruit: Can maniupate sound waves.

Swap-Swap Fruit: Can switch any two attributes of different objects/creatures.

Mime-Mime Fruit: Can manipulate "pantomimed" objects as if they were real.

Silk-Silk Fruit: Can emit and manipulate a fixed length of strong silk strings.

Pound-Pound Fruit: Can "pound" objects/creatures, deforming the original into a smaller version for a set amount of time.

Twin-Twin Fruit: Can create "copied" objects/creatures made of salt that have the same outward appearances but lack fundamental characteristics.

Brain-Brain Fruit: Can control own brain functions.

Fuse-Fuse Fruit: Can fuse together objects/creatures.

Chaos-Chaos Fruit: Can define a location in space and time and suspend/restore any and all "rules" within that location.

Pink-Pink Fruit: Can paint with a mystical pink paint that causes "attraction"

Stench-Stench Fruit: Can emit strong and varied odors.

Swirl-Swirl Fruit: Can rotate any part of own body.


Turtle-Turtle Fruit: User morphs into a turtle.

Lizard-Lizard Fruit; Model: Chameleon: User morphs into a camoflagued lizard.


Silver-Silver Fruit: User gains the elemental traits of Silver. Can assume solid or semi-liquid shape. Vulnerable to gold and fire.

Oil-Oil Fruit: User gains elemental traits of Oil. Can assume liquid shape. Flammable. Vulnerable to soap.

2009-12-28, 09:14 AM
Ok but how are yyou using them in your game if you don't have any Crunch to go with that fluff?

2009-12-28, 03:22 PM
The only ones that have actually appeared so far were the twinning and oil fruits; most of the effects I just adlib, but as for logia I figured as Regeneration = HD, bypass with bodies of water, seastone, or specific vulnerability.

2009-12-28, 05:05 PM
MOAR CRUNCH... please