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2009-11-14, 11:43 PM
I'm recruiting for a development team, with a relatively large amount of free time, to work on a homebrewed RPG system that has seen approximately three to four years' worth of dedicated work thus far.

I call it WARPS, and it is my pride and joy. Those familiar with a rather ill-fated Mechwarrior campaign of mine will know of it's existence. While it's been fairly isolated in terms of the number of people who know about it, I am presently doing a major revamp to the system, including a multitude of minor changes, and some major changes, all intended to make the system as a whole work more smoothly, make more sense, and make all aspects of the system equally important(combat was a fairly major aspect, as it should be, but it practically dominated the system's original incarnation).

The thing is, the workload's simply too huge this time around, and I need both outside perspectives and dedicated assistants to aid me in my efforts.

Those looking for details can either post here or PM me. Thank you for reading.


2009-11-15, 03:55 AM
I'm interested, but how much free time is required (as I go to secondary school I have more than most working adult's by my experience, but you might be looking for more than that). Also, anything more specific?

2009-11-15, 11:13 AM
Well, I'm not going to be that one guy that's always demanding you put the project ahead of any other commitments, and I'm willing to wait for results(kind of a necessity, and I've been told I'm just naturally patient on at least one occasion). It's just that up until now, my previous devteam/current playtester group has been helpful, but is simply not as available as I would like. So, it really depends on how much of your own time you're willing to commit to this. I fully intend to shop around for a publisher, so I'd like the following, from any and all potential recruits:

Ready access to some form of chatroom program, such as MSN or Yahoo
Talent with 'crunch' rather than 'fluff'(fluff comes later)
The free time to study a new, homebrewed RPG system and pitch ideas on how to change it, to make more sense and generally just be more fun
A liking for the use of the simple, humble d6
A willingness for debate and constructive criticism over ideas you introduce to the game
A willingness for debate and constructive criticism over ideas others introduce to the game
A talent for general planning and sorting of the workload itself

WARPS has been worked on for three to four years so far, and has made significant progress in the last year or so, but with this new revamp, a lot of things I've missed so far are being planned out. Among the things I've missed, and intend to have in this new 'edition' are:

Air combat rules
A new, generally better, melee combat system
An improvement to non-combat skills in general, such as their usefulness-in-application to players
Improved vehicle combat rules
Character traits for player-characters and NPCs alike to take at the beginning of a campaign, to generally expand a player's options.
(And a GM's options, too)
An overall edit of the game's combat system
More importance to Fatigue Points, as they currently serve very little purpose, but will need to stay in the game
Item-crafting rules and skills
A spellcasting system that must be built from the ground up, as WARPS never had one to begin with
A general revamp of the system's reliance on a 'GM's call'

As you can see from the above list, the workload's pretty big...Hence this thread.

So, any other takers?

2009-11-15, 05:51 PM
Definatley interested in helping you out, love Mechwarrior stuff in general and have read i think every novel on it, and am more than up for helping you with anything that needs help.

2009-11-15, 09:28 PM
Alright, well, it's been advised by a few people that I need to give more details. It's not just a Mechwarrior system. I've run a Mechwarrior campaign with it. WARPS is short for 'Wide Application Role Playing System.' The acronym was made by GitP's own Magtok. The system, as mentioned before, has three to four years of work put into it, and quite a bit of it's history has been up here on GitP over the last few years, in broken, varied amounts, with more of it on at least two other forums, one of which is Myth-Weavers.

The basis of the system is that it is entirely skill-and-attribute driven, with no classes. It relies on the use of 3d6 for any and all skill rolls, with bonuses being provided by the skill and attribute relevant to that skill. For combat, characters have both Wounding and Fatigue points. Losing all of your Wounding Points results in your death, while losing all of your Fatigue points results in falling unconcious.

Anyone who wants a detailed, complete look at the system itself is welcome to ask for it. Contact me over MSN, PM, or E-mail, and I will provide you with a Wordpad document containing the rules in their entirety. From there, you can make a more informed decision over whether or not to volunteer for the devteam I'm trying to form.

Thank you for reading.