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2009-11-16, 03:31 AM
Somoene mentioned that there's no such things as vile vows. This is an atrocity to the alignment and should be rectified immediately.

Evil charactors are just as apt to devote themselves to a cause or deity as good ones- although for different reasons.
Examining this, evil charactors generally want things back out of thier worship;
Protection from the things and people they fear,
Power to strike back at hated foes,
Knowledge of secret lore with which to elevate themselves
Perhaps even material wealth or social prowess.

The benefits of these Vile Vows should fall in line with something the charactor wants out of his devotion.
I may be overlooking reasons here, feel free to add your own.

Now, the other side of the coin. What do evil deities want from thier followers?

-Sacrifices. Live virgins, hard to kill monsters, magic items. Things that show the deity's existing power, or add to it.
-Advancement. Competition with rival powers is rough, and evil deities revel in the corruption or destruction of the worshippers, champions, and churches of thier counterparts.
-Worship. The power of DnD pantheons are directly proportionate to how many worshippers each deity has. The servants of such should do thier best to preach the word, converting as many people as possible.

Any other ideas for what an evil deity would reward a follower for doing in it's intrest would be appreciated here.

Now, evil as a rule is not about sitting around NOT doing something. Most of the good vows involve abstaining from something. Evil is more Proactive.

So here's a couple sample feats following this line of thought:

Vow of Violence [Vile]
Prerequisite: Must worship an Evil deity.
You have vowed to show your devotion to your diety through the destruction of his enemies
Benefit: Detect Good at will, Bonus Feats [Special, see text]

Each week, you must show your devotion to your deity by bringing violence upon his enemies. Each foe must be within 3 levels of your current challenge rating, and during the same day you must spend one hour in ritual prayer and meditation. The ritual consumes oils, insence and ingredients worth a minimum of 50 GP times the number of hit die of the defeated opponent(s).

For each foe you defeat in this manner, you gain access to a bonus Vile feat which you meet the prerequisites of for the remainder of the week.

Special- If you go a week without defeating an opponent of an alignment opposed to your deity and enacting the ritual, you lose the benefit of this feat until you recieve an Atonement spell. Going two weeks without will result in permanent loss of this feat. You do not get to select a different feat as a result of this loss.

Vow of the Unclean [Vile]
Prerequisite: Must worship an evil deity
You have vowed to show the power of your deity through the defilement of holy places.
Benefit: Profane bonus to one of the following: Armor Class, Spell Resistance, or one ability score.

Each month, you must seek out a place of worship, sanctified area, or holy relic and defile it. Performing this ritual consumes 100GP times your effective charactor level in rare, blasphemous substances and requires two hours uninterrupted.
For each location or relic desecrated, you gain a +2 bonus to the benefet you selected when you took this feat for the remainder of the month.

Special: Failure to desecrate a holy place or relic at least once a month will result in permanent loss of this feat. Atonement can be used to restore it if your charactor was forcibly restrained from doing so. You do not get to select a different feat as a result of this loss.

You may take this feat multiple times, selecting a different benefit each time.

Hm. That's all I can think of for now, back later. Leave your thoughts and ideas :D

2009-11-16, 04:45 AM
I feel like it might be difficult to find another shrine to desecrate every month. I mean, eventually they've gotta run out, right? What if you aren't forcibly restrained so much as honestly could not find one?

Innis Cabal
2009-11-16, 04:47 AM
Not only that, but other then item creation feats I can't really think of any feats that make you spend money. It just seems silly in this case.

Dante & Vergil
2009-11-16, 05:20 AM
This PrC here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6239643&postcount=16) might have an insperation or two for you for your feats.

2009-11-16, 05:46 AM
The gold cost is in there for two reasons:
1: Avoid endless killing spree. Give an evil charactor a self-stacking bonus every time he kills a good guy, and the means to find good guys- he's gonna go on a murderous rampage.
If there's a ritual involved, with some GP cost and down time, he doesn't get the benefit right now... it encourages the player in question to think a little more beforehand.

Second: You have to defile a place or holy relic each month, yes-
but there's a pretty good chance that a temple you desecrate isn't going to STAY desecrated for more than a month unless you've done a suprisingly thorough job of eradicating practitioners of that religeon in your region. (In which case, DM ruling. Your god would be VERY happy with you and you're propably going to get some sweet rewards for it-the least of which would entail keeping the benefits of the feat active until some new transgressors show up)

Realms of Chaos
2009-11-16, 07:21 AM
Sorry to tell you this but... there actually are evil vows.

All four of them appear in Drow of the Underdark.

Baron Corm
2009-11-16, 08:48 AM
These feats make you spend so much gold on something so very temporary, and if you ever stop you lose the feat completely. No one would ever take these feats.

You should model them after the exalted vows. For example, you get a bonus as described by the feat, possibly scaling with character level, for as long as you show no mercy to any you come across, attempting to resort to violence whenever possible. It's a vow to act in a certain way, not to perform certain actions.

2009-11-16, 09:06 AM
Unless the DM makes the player actually RP these events, these feats seem like a great way for a player to get the benefits for nothing. (The small amount of gold becomes pointless at higher levels.)