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2009-11-16, 09:45 AM
So, some time ago I made a post regarding how best to make a game for demons. A game where the PC's were Demons, and demons that were highly changeable in their abilities and appearance.

Meaning, that the players would not simply pick a demon out of the FF, but would take a class, with a matching base race, and then pick abilities and physical alterations at intervals, sort of like class abilities.

After a bit of work, and realizing how gritty the work gets, I've gotten an idea. Or rather I picked up and idea from the original thread.

How about making the path based on cardinal sins? Three ability tiers, lesser, regular, greater, and an epic capstone at 20th level, for each cardinal sin. Each tier, except epic, should have three abilities to pick from, I was thinking a combat/sneaky option, a mental one, and a spellcasting/special one.

For example, Anger might grant the ability to Rage as a barbarian. Or something more interesting, but you get the picture.

Each cardinal sin would, on top of the ability tiers, have three tiers, with all the same distinctions, for physical changes.

For example, looking at Anger once again, maybe the demon would get horns, and thus a gore attack, as a lower level tier enhancement, representing the violent outburst of a gore attack. Or something better, I don't know.

What I am trying to get at though, is that I want you guys to help me. Specifically, with creating paths, ability or physical, of the seven Cardinal sins. Multiple Wrath or Gluttony and whatnot paths are okay, I'll pick the best.

I'll get one up later to show what I mean, in case you're not sure what I want.
Any takers?

2009-11-16, 10:02 AM
Interesting idea (sort of reminiscent of nWoD's sins, which I always enjoyed). The only problem is that I don't think each sin should be specific to a style of character, as that seems like it takes something away from the varied role-play possibilities.

Anger, for example, could be a rage mechanic for up-and-in-your-face characters, but it could also be a sudden, brutal attack for sneakier characters, or an enlarged, widened, heightened, maximized evocation spell for spellcasters.

Lust could be bonuses to Diplomacy and Bluff, and an energy-draining kiss for skilled characters, a save-penalty granting aura for spellcasters (fail a Charisma based Will save upon looking at the caster and suffer a penalty to saves against his/her spells), or an alluring vision that drives characters to approach an attractive melee character with their weapons down, attempting to gain his or her favor/love (Will negates).

Limiting them to one seems problematic.

2009-11-16, 10:09 AM
That's why I want three abilities in each of the path tiers.

So, taking the rage path, you would have three abilities to pick from at the first tier, that gives everyone, no matter if they focus on spellcasting, sneaking or combat, some sort of benefit.

Of course, you wouldn't be limited to one single path. You could have a lesser ability from Wrath, Anger and Lust all together if you wanted. That is, if you get three lesser abilities, which I'm not sure yet.

Still working on it.

2009-11-16, 05:54 PM
I have a thought that may help as well. Set up three demonic races, three or four demonic classes (skulk, brute, spellcaster, Etc), and several demonic paths (the seven sins, magical, melee, etc.) and set the mechanics from their, plus demonic feats gained at some levels.

Now for your actual question
Take a note from Full Metal Alchemist. The homunculi have abilities relating to their cardinal sin and are even named after them. This would give a big help. Also look at each demon in D&D and try to peice their abilities into each of the "sin paths" as each demon seems to have a particular theme to their abilities this should be easy. Then expand each of the paths beyond just three abilities for maximum customization within a specific path (three for each class or particular role that can be mixed and matched).

2009-12-13, 02:32 PM
If you're willing to run a Tier 1 (or wizard level, or whatever you want to call it) game then the Tome of Fiends, a fairly extensive netbook with several new classes, a multitude of new feats, and a new spellcasting mechanic, might be right up your alley. As noted, things are quite powerful, so you need to be aware of what you're getting into, but if you can handle it then it might reduce some of the legwork required to get off the ground.

Here's a link to it hosted online; there's also a .pdf floating around somewhere if you have the software. The file also contains a lot more stuff (not necessarily related to fiends), so to just get what you need it might be best to go here:


2009-12-13, 03:02 PM
Greed abilities to consider:

Spellcaster: the ability to ignore material components costing up to Xgp.

Melee: count all enhancement bonuses from magic as one higher.

Spellcaster: reduce the spell level increase of metamagic spells by 1 level per X effects applied to it.

Lord of Syntax
2009-12-13, 03:28 PM
FYI, the Greater Greed one make Incantirix seem well-balanced

2009-12-13, 04:00 PM
Any class with a monster-focus is okay in my book!

Have you taken a look at the fiend PrCs in Fiend Folio? They could be good inspiration for this.

Here are some ideas:
Possible Inspiration: Spellthief

Envy could grant the ability to steal other creature's special abilities.

Perhaps gluttony could grant some ability to heal by dealing damage to others? I imagine gluttony demons would have a generous amount of HP, possible tank class?

Possible Inspiration:
I agree that greed should be able to ignore gp costs. Sleight of hand should be a class skill. And maybe some kind of magic ability to steal (teleport away treasure)?

Possible Inspiration: Succubi, Fiend of Corruption class (FF).

I think charm and other enchantments would be most fitting, as well as interaction skills. Perhaps this class would spellcasting-focused?

Pride could be a buff class, especially self-buffing. The paladin's divine grace ability (obviously renamed) would fit the flavor very well.

Sloth could produce slow effects, and eventually time stop. Maybe they have poor speed?

Possible Inspiration: Barbarian

Wrath should certainly be a rage-themed melee class.