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2009-11-18, 06:06 PM
Recently one of my players asked if he could get a certain enchantment placed on his already magical sword. Is this possible? If so, how much should each one cost based on their respective modifiers?

2009-11-18, 06:11 PM
Not sure which edition this is for:
[EDIT]: Well, the thread title was updated. 4e advice still stands. :smallwink:

4e: No. You cannot create, for example, a Flaming Frosting Sword +1 from a Flaming Sword +1. You could create a Frosting Sword +1 by dis- then re-enchanting it, or by using the Transfer Enchantment ritual (I think). You can kind of go from a straight magical weapon to a specially-magical weapon with the same process, but "Magic" is still a unique weapon enchantment type.

3.5: Yes, but there's some math involved.

Take the effective enhancement modifier for each enchantment (e.g.: Flaming is a +1 effective enchantment). Add the modifiers of all enchantments on the sword (e.g.: Flaming Frosting Sword = +1 +1 = +2) and add them to the base enhancement modifier of the sword (e.g.: A +1 Flaming Frosting Sword = +1 +1 + 1 = +3). Calculate the cost of the sword as if it was a straight enhanced weapon (+3 sword = 18k gp). Some enchantments have straight gp costs; simply add these to the final price after performing the above calculations on the other enchantments.

2e and earlier: No idea