View Full Version : Need help improving a magic trap save DC

Barbarian MD
2009-11-19, 01:00 PM
Got what should hopefully be a simple question:

I want to build a trap that sets up a Zone of Truth. Basically, the interrogator walks up to the switch and activates the trap before getting within range of it himself.

What I need help with is this: how do I increase the save DC? With a trap, the DC is only 18. I haven't been able to find any rules for improving the Save DC of traps.

I would like a DC of 30-40 or so. (I would also like the effect to last much longer)

(No, I'm not the DM, so I can't just handwave it--I have to actually pay somebody to make this thing in game.)


EDIT: OR, alternately, is there a way to couple two effects together, so that the subject of the zone of truth starts glowing red or something if he failed his save? Because resetting the trap and forcing a new saving throw until a natural 1 wouldn't be a problem.

2009-11-19, 01:46 PM
Start off with Heightening it to level 9. Then throw on a preceding effect: Mind Fog maybe.

If you want to get a bit cheesy, make it three traps arranged in a 5' triangle or something so their areas of effect overlap. Doesn't raise the DC, but does mean they have to pass all of 3 different saves.

Barbarian MD
2009-11-19, 01:59 PM
Capital idea! I would never have thought of just having the caster heighten the spell.

So I could pay a level 17 cleric to cast it as a 9th level spell...

DC 10 + (9 x 1.5) = DC 23

500 gp x 17 level x 9th level spell = 76,500 gp

So that's one (rather expensive way) that will work. The DC is still rather low, and coupling it with a Mind Fog would give them a chance to save on the Mind Fog, too. I think I'd prefer Plan B, if I can find one...

Plan B - Preferred Option, if Viable
Would there be a way to make a much cheaper trap that couples a visual or auditory signal with a failed save?

As in, couple dancing lights (or something else--that's just off the top of my head) with Zone of Truth?

Person makes save: nothing happens.
Person fails save: can't lie and have glowing lights appear over their head.

Plan C
I suppose, as a Plan C, building 20 traps into one big UberTrap would work...

Level 3 Cleric casting Level 2 Zone of Truth
Save DC 13
Cost: 500gp x 3 x 2 = 3,000
20 Traps: 60,000