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2009-11-22, 12:46 AM
Hey All!

I'm new to the forums, although not so much to the game. I've just joined a new group and I've been hoping to get people's advice on the concept for a character. Essentially, the idea is a shaman (not the class -_-) of some sort that binds spirits or casts spells through his doll. If anyone has read the manga Zatch Bell or Hyde and closer you'll probably understand what I'm thinking more in depth. I was thinking a warforged binder with a cohort of some sort...but wanted the board's input for any ideas comprised of greater awesome ^_^

2009-11-22, 12:48 AM
I'd play the warforged binder as the puppet, or even as a series of puppets depending on the "costume" that he's wearing, and make the cohort a bard human that tells him attack commands and gives moral bonuses.

2009-11-22, 12:57 AM
wow, I really like that idea...I can just see it now...
i'm wondering, though if there's a way to do it with one character though :smallbiggrin: . You know, in case the DM has a fit about how the Leadership rules and cohorts are broken, imba, or any permutation of the sort. Any ideas?

2009-11-22, 01:02 AM
No ideas for that one unfortunately. You could get a hireling, but I suspect you don't want your buddy to get killed off on a regular basis, and I don't think the DM is going to come up with some contrived reason why Team Rocket wouldn't just shoot Ash with a handcannon when they want to gnab his Pokemons.

2009-11-22, 01:38 AM
I totally imagined a binder using something akin to a sock puppet out cast out of. Epic Silly.

While that probably isn't what you're going for, you could always try having ranks in Craft(Puppet) or somesuch and just make ones that you animate through whatever means. It should be cheap so you wouldn't have to worry about the cost of replacing them.

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-11-22, 01:41 AM
Item Familiar.

2009-11-22, 03:44 AM
YES! Item familiar, oh my gosh i can't believe I didnt think of that! Heehee, I look very forward to putting this character forward, thanks guys!

2009-11-22, 03:59 AM
You worry your DM will be upset about Leadership but Item Familiar is fine?:smallamused: