View Full Version : [Exalted/D&D] To Conquer a Shadowland

Tequila Sunrise
2009-11-22, 12:19 PM
I'm GMing the Exalted setting with 4e D&D rules, and it's been going awesomely so far. My players know absolutely nothing about the setting, beyond what I've told them, so I'm playing fast and loose with the details. Anyway, the end of last session found them dropped into The City of Sapphire Blooms, a recently created shadowland somewhere in the Scavenger Lands. I want the next few levels to be about them conquering the deathlord of the 'land, reversing the shadow curse, and then claiming the city as their own.

All I need is a bit of inspiration, which is why I'm here to get some ideas.

Thank you, in advance.

(A few details:)

My players consist of 1) a street rat from the Imperial City who began her exaltation by being stabbed by a deathlord or deathknight. Her motivation is revenge. (Assassin class) 2) A shaman-in-training from the western isles who still believes he's just a regular mortal. 3) A wizard from the Scavenger Lands in search of knowledge, who recently came into possession of a book detailing all Exalts, written in the first age. And 4) A wizard from Bluehaven in search of self-discovery. (Yeah, we're not all deep immersion roleplayers. :smallsmile:)

I'm treating the heroic tier as a kind of prolonged exaltation, and my PCs are now at 4th level. I've been leveling them up every two fights, so we can get to paragon/true exaltation faster. I'd like them to hit 11th level by defeating the resident Deathlord and taking the City as their own.