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2009-11-22, 01:21 PM
Would someone mind PMing me the stats for a Dire Eagle from RoS? I'm AFB. I know it's not kosher to post such things in a public forum, but I do believe PMing is a-okay.

Many thanks, and please let me know if it's not okay :)

2009-11-22, 04:11 PM
Shameless bump?

2009-11-22, 08:04 PM
Merci beaucoup!

2009-11-22, 08:16 PM
Your easiest solution would probably be to use Giant Eagle stats, and reduce Int to 2, drop the extra skills, and call it an Animal instead of a Magical Beast.

The Dire Eagle is 1 HD larger, has +2 NA, +2 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Con and -4 Cha, and talons that do one die size bigger damage than Giant Eagles (but doesn't have Improved Natural Attack, suggesting that someone was sloppy), but otherwise is pretty much a Giant Eagle without Int 10.

Roland St. Jude
2009-11-22, 10:23 PM
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