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2009-11-23, 08:22 AM
Im in a d20 game set int the future but all magic is allowed

the rest of my players swear they don't need anything but super soldiers
so scene i am the only one in the group who is not i am looking to max out int

i am doing a smart hero 3/field scientist1/techno mage 4

i was looking in to taking feats for cybernetics

and possibly a mareau for race is there any other ways to max out int ?

2009-11-23, 11:24 AM
Depending on the Progresss Level, there are Nanoaugmenters in the Scientific Engineering section of the d20 Future book. The Brain Boosters give you a +4 bonus (unnamed bonus) to Int, and are permanent (unless you encounter something that can deactivate them).

Other than that, I can't think of anything offhand.