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2009-11-23, 08:23 PM
Is there anyway of getting the game without paying the super high handling fees? Ordering to Canada makes shipping more than half the price of the game itself, and that's just too expensive for me. Is there any other way?

2009-11-23, 08:34 PM
In Australia, some of the specialist board game stores stock the Order of the Stick board game. If it's not at a local store it's possible there's a Canadian store that could ship it to you for cheaper local postage rates.

Of course, it depends on how much the local store charges. I got my box shipped from a store in Sydney and if I remember correctly the cost was only a little bit cheaper. I mainly bought it local because I thought there was a better chance of it arriving in good condition (a lot of the parcels I've ordered from the U.S. have arrived pretty beat up).

2009-11-24, 10:39 AM
Hmm. Good point. I'm trying a new store around here that's run by the "Least I Could Do" webcomic people on the basis that they sell webcomic stuff, so maybe they can get it more easily than I can. Still probably gonna be pricey.

Thanks for the tip.

2009-11-25, 05:08 AM
I ordered it (a year ago) to be delivered from the US to Israel so i can understand the prices..

What i can say for sure, that it is worth it :smallbiggrin:

2009-11-28, 07:25 PM
It really does sound like it's worth it.
I found a different site than ookdook that ships for significantly less (to Canada), which I won't post here 'cause that's not really fair. So maybe that, or maybe the 4th Wall (by the LICD people).

2009-11-29, 03:22 AM
If you (rightfully) conisder buying, i sugest doing it before it will be out of print...
Seems like the entire expansions project is cancelled so who knows for how long they will continue to print the original... :smallfrown: