View Full Version : What is a Celestial Animal

2009-11-24, 04:23 AM
The plane Lamannia description says that celestial animals are native to it. But I am having trouble determining what celestial creatures a planar shepherd could turn into are.

Can they effectively turn into anything in the monster manual that is either an animal or a magical beast or can they only apply the celestial template to monsters that start off as animals and are not already magical beast?

Yuki Akuma
2009-11-24, 04:42 AM
A Celestial Animal is a creature of the Animal type with the Celestial template applied to it.

The fact that the template explicitely changed their type to Magical Beast is neither here nor their - their type and subtypes are Magical Beast (Good, Augmented Animal). The "animal"'s still in there. :smallwink:

2009-11-24, 04:46 AM
Thank you

My DM is allowing me to be a planar shepherd (I'm still not sure what possessed him to say yes) and I just want to make sure I don't screw up what I can and can not turn into.

Yuki Akuma
2009-11-24, 04:50 AM
I'm pretty sure the Augmented [x] subtype was made for things like this. It has absolutely no use otherwise.