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2009-11-24, 09:23 PM
I posted something similar to this a long time back, but under the thread necromancy rules I decided to start a new topic.

How would you make a 4-man party, that fulfills the traditional roles (tank, skillmonkey, blaster and healer/buffer), but that can run all day (i.e. not burdened with daily abilities or needing to replenish spells).

Here's my lineup (bear in mind that I don't use ToB, MoI or psionics):

Tank: Fighter (yes, boring old fighter, but the Barbarian, Paladin and Knight all have dailies)
Skillmonkey: Facotum (yes, some of his abilties are dailies, but his per encounter abilities counter this IMHO)
Blaster: Dragonfire Adept (or possibly Warlock)
Healer/buffer: Binder (binding the vestige that gives unlimited healing between encounters)

...as far as I can see, this party's main weakness would be in-combat healing, but this could be boosted with magic items. With the right combination of Invocations and bound Vestiges, they should be able to hold their own with debuffing and battlefied control. If they all have Rings of Sustenance (or are Elves, or Warforged or similar) their downtime per day should be miniscule.

Now, I'm sure the optimizers could blow my offering our of the water, so have at it! :smallsmile:

2009-11-24, 09:53 PM
Well, I'd just use DMM: Persist Clerics, Incantatrixes and so on to make buff spells last all day and go to town. I mean, sure, you need to recharge the abilities daily, but given there's basically nothing that can stop Clerics from praying and their spells last long enough to cover them for that time, it shouldn't be an issue. Best of all, you could persist stuff like Mass Lesser Vigor to take care of healing for good. You don't even really need to sleep, ever. Except for 2 hours of rest for the Incantatrixes in Heward's Fortifying Bedrolls.

If not using such workarounds, I'd honestly use just plain simple Horizon Tripper or Frenzied Berserker as Tank (Frenzy isn't a relevant ability, it's the insane PA returns), though the other choices you made are fine. D&D doesn't really make "all-day team" effective though you could reach solid tier 3 with a team of FB/Binder/Factotum/DFA. Alternative solid skill monkey option would be Swift Hunter or Daring Outlaw.

2009-11-24, 09:56 PM
A Warblade or a Crusader could out fighter your Fighter.

2009-11-24, 09:57 PM
Keeping your limits in mind, this is what I would do:

Tank: Druid. Two tanks are better than one, and the animal companion can be a respectable combatant in its own right. At sixth level, the druid can be wildshaped all day long, giving it a huge advantage.
Skillmonkey: Factotum is a good choice. Rogue would work well too.
Blaster: Dragonfire Adept (or possibly Warlock) This would work well. Or any caster.
Healer/buffer: Archivist or Cleric or Druid or Favored Soul or Healer or Spirit Shaman. Take the Touch of Healing reserve feat, and everyone in your party can remain at half hp all the time. Other spells can be used for extended or persistent buffing.

2009-11-24, 09:58 PM
A Warblade or a Crusader could out fighter your Fighter.Moot point, given that:
(bear in mind that I don't use ToB, MoI or psionics)

2009-11-24, 09:58 PM
A Warblade or a Crusader could out fighter your Fighter.

True, but he said no Tome of Battle.

2009-11-24, 10:28 PM
Ack, how did I miss that?

2009-11-24, 10:32 PM
In a 24-hour-day party, Warlock and DFA are going to pull their weight nicely with unlimited use goodies.

A druid (thanks to Wildshape and a durable spare fighteranimal companion can also contribute greatly when the magic is done.

A sorcerer should have the ammunition for a long day, especially if he supplements with wands.