View Full Version : Question about what classes are designed to reduce an opponents saving throws

2009-11-24, 09:34 PM
Hey, did a search and I couldn't find anything so I figured I'd ask

About a year back I remember reading online a post by someone who spoke of a character he designed as a '5th wheel' character who could reduce the saving throws, attack bonuses and damage dealt by opponents, it might have reduced attributes as well, I honestly don't remember.

And thats the problem I'm standing at now, I'm about to begin an evil campaign with some friends and I think this character would be a fun one to play but I have no idea what the combination of classes was, and it was indeed multiple classes of maybe 2 to 3 levels of each

Now I don't expect anyone to have the perfect lay out of that class combination but I was wondering if you guys could point out any base or prestige classes that had these abilities

The only one I'm able to think of atm is the Blackguard's Aura of Despair

Sorry to be asking you guys this but I've been searching all over the net and I can't find anything, I even tried the Wikipedia list of all prestige classes that exist in case a name ringed a bell but couldn't think of anything.

I really appreciate the help, thank you everyone

blackguard 3: Aura of Despair
dread necro 5: fear aura

2009-11-24, 09:52 PM
Fatespinner, Hexblade, anything with debuff spells...

EDIT: There's probably some Sneak Attack feats to do similar.

2009-11-24, 09:52 PM
Uhh...wizard, sorcerer...yeah. Almost every full spellcasting class has spells that debuff amazingly. For classes focused on that type of thing, try rogue (if Complete Scoundrel is used), hexblade, warlock (for single-target debuffing), and cleric (if you have access to other books). There's more, but those are off the top of my head.