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2009-11-25, 05:49 AM

We're playing a campaign, where there are 3 cca lvl 13 PCs (wiz - wiz of Thai, cleric and druid) and I as a DM have a sort of a ... problem. WIT (wiz. of Thai) has his buffed up/maxxed spells, resulting in disintegration, making 240 dmg per shot. Now that's all nice and well with one problem - fights are reduced to SOD situations, meaning there are only two options how things end up:
option one:
WIT wins initiative, casts disintegrate, monster fails save, is disintegrated ...
option two:
WIT looses init., monster sneezes at him with its +lots to hit and 10d6+10d8+gazillion other dmg output and wiz dies.

So it all looks a bit like O.K. Corral.

As a DM I can of course make minced meat out of the party, but mostly by spamming them with a gazillion of monsters. Facing them with challenge, a few CR's higher then their level, results in described situation.

Any clues? Hints? Ideas? Anything with 240 hp+ wil just rap... ekhm, annihilate all of the party, so your opinions are much appreciated.

2009-11-25, 06:13 AM
Spell resistance

Buff monster's HP but not their other stats

Spellcaster that silences the wizard

Depending on how competantly played he is, a surprise attack by a grappler

Multiple targets that still add up to an appropriate CR

2009-11-25, 06:18 AM
Multiple targets that still add up to an appropriate CR

This sounds like the easiest approach and can be done in unlimited variations.

2009-11-25, 06:27 AM
Mention to the player that it's hurting the game?
Don't outright say "Your character is making the game suck", that's a surefire way to piss off everyone. Instead, be impressed, compliment them and their character-building ability and then say that you aren't capable of dealing with such a strategy and would it be okay if the wizard player added a few other tricks/combos to his repetoire.