View Full Version : [3.5] Elven Wizard Substitution Levels (Races of the Wild)

2009-11-25, 09:56 PM
If I'm reading this right, the Generalist Wizardry gives the Elven wizard an additional spell slot for each level she can cast at every level. Then I can prepare an additional spell at my highest level?

Can someone please count the spells per day that I would be able to cast (without intelligence modifiers factored in for bonus spells) the way it should be?

Crafty Cultist
2009-11-25, 10:01 PM
The generalist wizard feature only gives one bonus spell of the highest level spell you can cast. when your highest spell level increases, the bonus slot moves

ex cathedra
2009-11-25, 10:17 PM
So a fifth level elven wizard with 20 int would be casting a base of 4/3/2/1, with int giving him 4/5/3/2, and the substitution level increasing it to 4/5/3/3.

2009-11-25, 10:29 PM
It gives additional spells known at every level, but only one additional spell slot per day. A wizard normally gains two more spells known (added to his spellbook) at every level for free, the substitution level increases this number to three.