View Full Version : (3.5e) Dvati and the Tome of Battle

2009-11-26, 08:31 AM
Well I was checking out the Dvati and I was wondering.. How do the twins interact with the ToB?

Say I want to make a Dvati warblade.. I guess they both have the same maneuvers and if I expend one it is treated like both have expanded the maneuver, but if I want to recover maneuvers, only 1 needs to spend the swift action and do nothing or attack, while the other can act as normal? Does that mean the other twin can use the maneuvers that the other recovered a second ago? Could I initiate 2 strike maneuvers, one with each, at the same turn?

Wings of Peace
2009-11-26, 09:15 AM
I am uncertain of how the Dvati are set up turn wise. I do know that unless the book says that each twin receives their own turn you will not be able to do as I think you're thinking and use one to Initiate and the other to Recover. Now depending on the action economy of a Dvati (Such as if they rescieve two-full round actions explicitly) then as a Swordsage with Adaptive style you could do it but it would still all be within the same turn.

2009-11-26, 09:21 AM
Sense ToB acts like magic for melee I would say no as they need both for spell casting.

2009-11-26, 09:32 AM
Sense ToB acts like magic for melee I would say no as they need both for spell casting.

But manouvers are weaker than spell.

ex cathedra
2009-11-26, 09:41 AM
Unless they're naturally forced to attack the same target simultaneously, I don't see why they can't each initiate strikes.

More importantly, however, I have trouble seeing why anyone would ever play a Dvati. If you want to play two PCs, ask your DM or take leadership. Don't rely on terribly written dragon material. The rules concerning Dvati are practically nonexistant and as a whole they seem very irksome for everyone involved.

2009-11-26, 11:02 AM
Whatever you do, I'd say that recovering your maneuvers requires both of them. But treating them as spells is pretty silly, there's no reason why hitting someone with two swords should force the twin to stand around picking their nose.

I'd suggest one of these four:

All maneuvers are used individually, from a common pool.
All maneuvers are activated together, like spells, but one twin receives the benefit while the other can take mundane actions.
Boosts and counters are activated together and affect both. Other maneuvers work like either of the above options.
All maneuvers are activated together, like spells, but both twins receive the benefit. This could be a rather stylish way of doing it, if you like the twins beating people up with synchronised kata.