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2009-11-26, 10:14 PM
So hey there!
I'm currently DMing an Eberron campaign, and one of my characters has a fairly interesting backstory.
See, they're an elf wizard who is part of the Blood of Vol and the Emerald Claw. He's in the party as a spy, and also because he wishes to become more powerful. As part of his magical pursuits, he is studying an artifact, in hopes of maybe some day finding it. Now, I don't need mechanics for the artifact, but I do need some kind of lore for it.
So far I've only worked out that it should be from the war between the elves and the dragons, and that it utilizes illusions in some way. Otherwise, I'm sort of lost on any amazing background for this artifact. Got any wacky (but not comical) ideas, Playgrounders?

2009-11-27, 12:45 PM
'the Ring of Angarosh

Built by the earliest incarnations of the ghostly rulers of the elves to rule over the courts of life and death the Ring brought it's enemies low through guile and turned the strength of those beyound strong into the victory of the weak.

Alone of the vast numbers of items created on both sides of the epic ancient conflict between elf and dragon the ring survives, an ingeneous device that hid elves by the score until a sect of wizards were able to focus its power from passive to active form. In its dormat state it was physically seperated into several pieces which created unpredictable visual effects within the area of its immediate vacinity, however these effects were only visable to those with superior senses, normal (elven) minds were unaffected. By bringing the sections into conjuction the wizards were able to refocus from the diffuse creation of distracting and misleading hallucinations into a potent weapon capable of destroying the mind of even a Great Wyrm in the right hands.

the Ring was built to protect a community down the long decades of an Elven lifetime and this alteration destabilized the spell matrix, in destroying the life of the ancient dragon Angarosh the device was fundamentally altered, for the better and the worse. While it gained enormous magical reserves in absorbing the spirit of the most potent living being on the surface of Ebberon it overloaded the already fragile device. The resulting explosion killed its wielder and those within a handful of paces, leaving nothing behind save a crater and one activation nodule.

Through divinations on the sole gem that remained to them the ancients established that the remains of the device were intact though seperated across dimensional barriers due to the force of the blast. In the intervening aeons the binding resonanse of the Ring has drawn its components back to the prime and towards the site of its creation.'

2009-11-27, 09:57 PM
That, my friend, was just what I was looking for. More so, in fact, since it was a fully made artifact and I was really only looking for basic ideas.
I tip my hat to you, give you a cookie, and if hugs were possible over the internet I would do that as well.
Many thanks.