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2009-11-27, 02:52 PM
well, for in-character reasons, there is a very good possibility that i may not be rezzed. my character and the rogue kinda have a history... and what with my warlock wanting to become a lich to achieve real ultimate dark power and him being an honest & good force against evil and all... let's say the rogue is against having a violent, power hungry, sociopathic undead warlock mucking around t'ill the end times.

and i'm entirely down with that and entirely unsurprised. note that the rogue also has his eye on the group's wizard, an evoker who's becoming pretty trigger happy with Disintegration & various ray spells and just got his hands on a copy of Iggywiv's Demonomicon. i'm not being singled out, i just happened to die first. [gollum voice] i hates them SoDs [/gollum voice].

my only real problem is that i don't know what character i would like to play as a worst case scenario. since we are in the abyss (paizo's Savage Tide), i was thinking of maybe playing something entirely out of left field: a Kaorti beguiler 1/Fiend of Posession 6/Corruption 6/Blasphemy1

effectively i'll be playing an agent of evil who opposes Demogorgon. he sees the party (who are gaining fame, even in the abyss) as an opportunity to assault the prince of demons and severely hamper him as well as keep tabs on these potentially dangerous people for his own dark lord.

the character is based off an old NPC i had a while ago, who would possess objects/people and cause general mayhem. i was thinking of playing him normally walking around in a mannequin (if destroyed, his follower would whip out another one from a bag of holding), followed by a gaggle of greater stone golems (created via golem manuals), jumping from one to the other when possessing an enemy isn't possible. otherwise, just beat on the enemies with the golems, controlling them with his helm of telepathy or jumping into the fighter's axe and further enchanting it.

not too sure what to make his cohort though (Fiend of Blasphemy's prereq feat is Leadership). i'm thinking maybe just making him a changeling chameleon (the PrC) who's primary task is to maintain the golems and buff the group/debuff the enemy.

any thoughts on this guy or just other interesting concepts that might be fun to play?