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2009-11-27, 03:08 PM
Some time in the next few weeks I'm going to ask my players to plan a heist. They'll be level 3, and on route to 4 by then, but will have the support of a local rogue's guild. While they don't have much magical loot at the moment, I was thinking I'd have the rogue's give them a budget to do the job where they can spend part of it on supplies and keep the remainder (perhaps with a completion bonus) as a reward if they're successful.

The last campaign we were all in was very low loot so part of my intention is to give them a mission where they'll make a point of using various magical and mundane tools and come out with enough to experiment more for the next arc. Ideally, little of the gold should be spent on simple equipment upgrades like a better sword, but should instead go to more unusual tools that require more thought to use best.

What sort of budget should I give them?
I was thinking of allotting around, or less than, 5000gp per PC, but I don't really know. Setting it too high would have the characters be overshadowed by their equipment and setting it too low would leave them under-equipped and they'd just hoard what precious little they had, keeping their disposables unused even at the risk of death.

If I just gave them the gold they'd be well into the next WBL range, but I figure most of it will be consumed in the mission. For a group of 3rd Level PCs, is 5K too high? Too low?

What sort of tools should be available?
I thought I'd have an assortment of tools in the "company store" ready for them to look over with the option to "special order" something that I could look up before the next session. Since they aren't familiar with a wide range of items, this would give them ideas as to what they could use, but my knowledge and experience is pretty limited (having been a PC in the aforementioned long-term low-loot campaign), so what items should I have for available off the bat? Which are traps that look neat but are over-priced or have saves that are under DC-ed? I'm trying to include tools for different play styles or contingency plans so everything including magical disguises, stealth tools, and methods to cover their escape like Aroma of Dreams and Slashing Sand.

I'd looked around for adventure modules to scavenge, but I don't think I've seen many that involve this sort of mission. I figure the encounters they would face should be above their appropriate Challenge Rating to dissuade them from just slash'n'bashing their way through, but no so high that they'll die outright if their cover is blown.

Thanks in advance to all who reply!

2009-11-27, 03:20 PM
The budget will depend on how well your group can really put tools to use i'd guess. My group personally wouldn't even think of buying tools, they'd buy weapons or armour and completely overlook feather tokens and robes of useful items.

I would recommend considering both those for there available tools, maybe determine some different out of the ordinary things on the robes.

2009-11-27, 04:08 PM
I'd recommend looking at the arms and equipment guide for mundane equipment that will still be useful, it has a bunch of interesting items and pretty cheap items that a creative player could use to great effect in this sort of heist situation.