View Full Version : [3.5] Improving Warforged Components

2009-11-27, 06:14 PM
Okay, these are supposed to be cool. The Battlefist is pretty awesome, for example (not to mention a Throwing Returning Battlefist). However, some of them are either underwhelming or incredibly expensive.

Let's take the Armblade, for example. Sure, it actually costs less than any other +1 weapon save for +1 clubs or quarterstaves. However, it requires a feat to use, and seems to deal damage only as a 1-handed weapon (despite the warforged's slam acting as the creature's single natural weapon, hence getting 1.5 Strength bonus damage on it). Sure, you can set it against a charge and it has a bonus when being used to Disarm, but wouldn't you get a bigger Disarm bonus just by wielding a 2-hander? (And yes, the warforged can't be disarmed when wielding an armblade, but neither can it be disarmed when it uses a battlefist, since that counts as armor if I'm not mistaken.)

There doesn't seem to be any use for it other than it being the iconic Warforged weapon. How can we houserule this to make it more viable?

2009-11-27, 06:29 PM
Hm, remove the feat cost? Honestly, it seems pretty useful at that point. Alternatively, make it give a natural attack with iteratives or something. Maybe free up the hand for other tasks with some reimagining basically being a weapon that doesn't need to be wielded?