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2009-11-29, 01:13 AM
Alrighty...a friend of mine is thinking about joining giantip, but wants to make a signature character. She wants to always be able to play with it, no matter the circumstance. She only knows how to play d&d however so it isn't as big a nightmare. I need help 0_o

Her character idea is simply this: a young girl with two extremely curved combat knives (think Phantasy Star) that can attack multiple times in a round, doing a dance of death as she goes. The two main points she made was flexibility and movement, with her taking out most of the weakling monsters in 1-2 turns.

Now this is interesting, but the tough part about this is that her and I need to make this idea into a character that would be either
a. a jack of all trades or
b. multiple character sheets for every possible party role.

What I need help with is ideas, your thoughts on what might work or not work. Here are the hands down necessary categories:

Any ideas? anything at all :smalleek:

2009-11-29, 01:23 AM

Swordsage to grant access to maneuvers/stances, Ranger to get endurance and two weapon fighting.
Combining the right maneuvers with the followers provided by leadership, and you can make a pretty powerful character. The cohort provided by leadership should be either a wizard or a cleric, depending on the needs of the group.

If it's a low level game, just swordsage should suffice.

There are certain feats that allow you to add new skills to your class skills, such as regional feats. There are also some feats in complete scoundrel that do it too.

2009-11-29, 01:35 AM
Why always swordsage?~ Its like with my mom and ducktape, it doesn't solve everything darnit!! >.<

Anywho, is there any way that I could avoid swordsage? my group is starting to think I'm obsessed with TOB...

How about Scout/Dervish? what ae your thoughts on that?
What about Arcane Trickster?
Binder +Dance of Death?
Battle Dancer?
Any prc I should know about?

2009-11-29, 01:39 AM
None of them are jack of all trades or flexible. They are just specialized in things that have flexible uses.
It's kind of the difference between using a laptop and a tabletop computer. You can take the laptop anywhere- but that doesn't mean it's flexible. It can do what it was originally built to do, and not much more.
Even at the expense of looking like a ToB fanatic, I think you should push for this- it seems to be exactly what she is asking for.

2009-11-29, 01:45 AM
ok, I will try and be optimistic :P What schools/maneuvers would you suggest for a character with a mobility focus?

Also, since this WILL be a TWFer, what weapon/armor/items would you suggest? weapon/armor enchantment ideas are the most needed.

2009-11-29, 01:52 AM
ok, swordsages can learn stances and maneuvers from Desert Wind, Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon, and Tiger Claw.
I'd try to negotiate with the DM to allow her to take Iron Heart in place of Stone Dragon, because it's thematically correct.

Here are some stances/maneuvers she could pick, that would match the description:
Wind Stride (boost) - +10 ft. movement speed.
Steel Wind (strike) - make two attacks at highest bonus, each one on different targets.
Moment of Perfect Mind (counter) - make concentration check in place of will save.
Step of the Wind (stance) - ignore difficult terrainge, gain bonus against foes in such terrain.
Island of Blades (stance) - you and all allies flank all adjacent foes.
Sudden Leap (boost) - Jump as swift action
Wolf Fang Strike - attack with two weapons (against single foe).

These are all level 1.

As far as weapon/armor enchantments go- you can't go wrong with a mithral chain shirt. Picking two light weapons would greatly reduce the penalties she would take for two weapon fighting.
The magic item compendium has a sizeable list of magic armor/weapon enchantments. Many of which would synergize well with the class and tactics presented.

2009-11-29, 01:55 AM
I would suggest Binder going into Chameleon prestige class. Binder for Paimon and flexibility, Chameleon in case she wants to go to spellcasting at some point. It won't be the most optimal build, perhaps, but it can do the work you've described, and transform into other roles, as necessary.

2009-11-29, 02:23 AM
I thought binder too, but now I remember that the player hates TOM

For weapons how does +X Bloodfeeding Impaling Combat Knifes sound? I get an extra 2 damage per blood point spent, and 3/day I can make a touch attack.

I'm still roaming through items, give me a sec

2009-11-29, 02:27 AM
Sounds interesting. If the character is higher level, access to Emerald Strike might make the touch attack enchantments unnecessary.
If the character is a dex-build, having a gauntlet of infinite blades (magic item compendium page 101) could also be handy.
Depending on how the player spends the item's daily charges, she can change the magical property of the daggers it produces.

2009-11-29, 02:45 AM
Ranger/Scout with Trap Expert (or Able Learner); you can be the Rogue and the Striker. Toss in some levels of Bard (for Snowflake Wardance if going Cha-focus), Swordsage (for Desert Tempest & al.) or Dervish to finish it.

2009-11-29, 02:52 AM
true, but with Emerald Strike+Impaling I could be doing a lot of touch attacks. Byebye mister full plate fighter~

Heartseeking Amulet (magic item compendium page 110) does the same thing
+X Blurring Mithral Chainshirt looks good, and cheap too

anything else I should know about for the swordsage? I'm assuming this character won't ever get past lv. 12. Prcs maybe?

2009-11-29, 12:57 PM
What about Factotum?

The ToB suggestions would provide most of the combat functions, but a dash of Factotum could really help with that Jack of All Trades side of things and can still perform in combat admirably.

2009-11-29, 12:59 PM
Why always swordsage?~ Its like with my mom and ducktape, it doesn't solve everything darnit!! >.<

If ducktape isn't the answer, you're asking the wrong questions.