View Full Version : Spell or skill strategies (3.5)

2009-11-29, 07:22 AM
I'm looking for clever uses of skills or spells (especially spell combos).


-use rope to lasso an enemy, then push a boulder the rope is tied to over a cliff.
-mix invisibility and levitate/fly and start summoning monsters.
-make several copies of the party to distract and confuse a large group of enemies.
-a gate on the other side of a horde of enemies leading to hell, then putting a symbol of fear on your side.

Let's see what the playground can come up with (I'm making a list).

2009-11-29, 08:24 AM
Use Summon Mirror Mephit (2nd level Bard/Cleric/Sorcerer/Wizard spell from Expedition to the Demonweb Pits) to create a simulacrum of everybody in the party. Or a black ethergaunt. Or an efreeti. Rinse & Repeat.

Reach + Persist + Power Word: Pain = 14,400d4 damage.

Unseen Servant + marbles = 5'x5' square of non-magical grease.

Unseen Servant + smokestick = roving 10'x10' concealment.

Unseen Servant + noxious smokestick = roving 10'x10' concealment + nausea.

Unseen Servant + sack + 19 flasks of acid = 19 splash damage, no save.

Unseen Servant + Quaal's Feather Token: Swan Boat = 20d6 falling object damage, no save.